Thursday, October 15, 2009

Opaque Tights and Shorts

Oh my...what's a man to do? I believe Treacle called it (and if I could find the blog entry I would link it) when she wrote that a hot new trend for the Fall was shorts and tights! Well in my area, not exactly a hot bed of fashion, this trend is in. Very in.

I am so happy. Where I work we get an average of a thousand customers a day so we see all sorts of women dressed mostly casually in jeans and very rarely in dress or skirts. But thanks to the Stocking God of Fashion there were 3 - count them - 3 women that I saw in shorts and opaque tights. Oh my.

The voyeuristic side of me wishes I had some way to snap a few shots of these delectable delights but that would not be right. And it would get me fired.

My favourite was a very striking blonde woman (and I apologize for not being able to render an adequate fashion description here) in a Black hip length bomber style jacket with beige furn trim on the hood and cuffs, beige shorts (very short shorts), chocolate coloured tights finished off with calve high high heeled boots with a turned down cuff at the top of the boot.


I sure hope this trend continues and if the winter is not too cold here it will continue past the fall as well.



  1. I'm seeing a lot of shorts w/tights here in less-than-sunny Seattle.

    The boyfriend is attempting to convince me to try this trend, but I think he just wants to look at my legs. ;-)

  2. Sorry, but I most definitely disagree. Wear a skirt!

  3. As I mentioned on Treacle's site when she wrote ab out it, this looks like something of a return to the hotpants of the early 1970s. And I like it.


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