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Limited Access to Internet. Will be back SOON!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Erika

In my job most of my female clients are 50 somethings that are generally married or if they are not they are of the age and attitude of having the expectation of having a man sweep them off their feet and "save" them from the loneliness of middle-class North American existence.

But every once and a while I meet a gem of a woman. Proud. Independent. Capable. An individual in their own right. With out the baggage of standard male/female stereotypes from the 1950s. These women tend to be born after 1968 and have grown up with the expectation that what they are and what they will be is dependent on them and not their male partner.

Today I met such a woman:  Erika. Attractive in soul and body. Vivacious and feminine and strong. Strong and feminine without being threatened to be a woman that is strong and knowing that strength does not diminish her femininity because both exist as a part of her. She can be a woman and strong without being afraid that these characteristics are not natural to her and who she is.

I wish I could adequately describe what I mean.

Erika had this aura about her that was so compelling and sexy and not at all vulnerable. I ended acting the fool: A high school teenager with a rampant crush for her. I wanted her. I want her.

And tomorrow I will "be waking her up" as I attend to her computer needs. My mind runs a sunder with views of her in my minds eye in a simple set of cotton underwear and tank top and I wonder if I can stop broadcasting my need to have her.

I am in lust with this Hungarian dark haired beauty and will have to settle for serving her computer needs only.

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Your stay-ups are not staying up!

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Leather and Latex

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Pantyhose Asunder

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