Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fashion Sluts


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Submissive Spelling Bee Fail

Edit: August 25th (After Constructive Cristism)

If you are serious after reading my profile, send me a message with more than a few words. I do enjoy IM's more than emails, though. Please don't ask me for my Yahoo, I will ask for your's if I am interested and comfortable. I consider these things to be a big sign of your sincerity and respect.

I am looking primarly for a husband first and my Daddy second. Who you are beyond kink matters for a commited relationship.

I am willing to relocate. I fully admit I would need fiancial help in this endeavor, that is not to say I would be penniless nor unwilling to work to help out. I also live in a town were jobs are plentiful and housing avalable should YOU want a change of scenery.

I can not offer you 24/7 kink/slavery, nor can I be trained or domiated into it. I am a grown woman who LOVES being a little in the bedroom and yes it is dirty.
I also have a few submissive traits/fantasies.

 "My ability to express my desires and hardlimits is something my REAL Daddy will COVET, not be threatened over." Do not condem me for knowing what I want. I am one of the most sincere people you will ever met, believe that.

Don't Insult Me:

- Little to no communication/avoiding questions is unacceptable.

-My LG kink does not mean an ownership as if you've bought me like a car off a sales lot. It is a commitment and a relationship, something to nurture and enjoy. You need to learn me and I need to learn YOU to give my trust.

- I will NOT feel afraid or scared to talk about something seriously with you, ever

-TALK and get to know ME, not just my kinks, same goes for you. (Amazing I actually have to add this)

Nice edit!

Monday, September 26, 2011

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