Sunday, February 28, 2010

Roman Kasperski

I love this bottom image. It portrays, for me, the natural protectiveness a dominant has over their submissive. Look at those eyes...would you mess with her and  not expect to have to deal with some form of consequence.

Softly Sensual

Friday, February 26, 2010


Jesse Dahl


So I am cruising through my Facebook profile and one of my co-workers gets messaged from his cousin who is simply smoking hot.


 I am not lying right?

I have to find her and apparently she is on Model Mayhem but I am not having any luck. I find her photographer's site but no luck still.  This Canadian beauty just has to be somewhere but a search of her name brings nothing. (No I am not sharing until I find what I want!)

But, as a consolation, I did find Jesse Dahl. She is a Canadian model as well and shoots nicely so have a gander and enjoy...

Love the Hat!

Top Hats on women are sexy!

Bad Style

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sabrina Grey

As you know I am a shameless Canadian-phile. I am Canadian and Canada has great people and products. The best county in the world save for maybe Lichtenstein.

In a relatively nontransparent plug since I have just written my dutiful wish to serve under (actually over but I AM grovelling) Sabrina Grey I want those that follow my blog to take note. Her blog is worth following!

Sexy - Interesting - Engaging and she wears stockings, latex, and other clothing bits we fetishists love!

So please check her out and comment and give your support!

Agent Chikara

Who is Agent Chikara?

What is her mission?

Will she succeed?

Stay tuned for a erotic short story involving Agent Chikara.

Full-time Lingerie & Nylons Blogger

Part-Time Spy!

Oriental Delights


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dreary Wednesday


Beatrix Mae

Stunning Canadian model Beatrix Mae models for Girdlebound. She has a Facebook Group for those that care.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Do I Want?

I invariably get asked that from a perspective partner. Sure, I Internet date trying to find someone to share my life with. The thing is that there appear to be very few women in my country and in my age category that want to share just the sexual side of their lives. I frequent to dedicated dating sites, Lavalife and POF.

Most of the profiles on Lava in the Intimate Section are looking for more than sexual intimacy. They are looking for emotional intimacy as well. Which is totally fine. I have no problems with that. It is the profiles on Lava that profess to have a need for sexual intimacy that are problematic. They say they want to fuck and be fucked but what they really mean is if you come off agreeing with them then you plan to mind fuck them as well. Seriously, 80% of the women that portray themselves with a more male oriented sexuality really want the whole enchilada. Its not like I am a serial Lavalifer but I have initiated contact with women and many of them would be subject to charges of false advertising.

I do get asked what I am looking for and I relate my needs to them. Right friends. And not just sex only friends but a companion to share other aspects of social life with. I am just not into committing to anything more and I have had a very wonderful sex friend relationship in the past and it worked well. As with all friendships it was not perfect but we both gave to each other a level of honesty and connection many romantic and apparently loving relationships lack.

POF is a whole different story. The women in the Intimate section are more assertive in their needs and since I am not black I am apparently out of luck. Which begs the question:  Can I sue for race discrimination because I am NOT black and NOT well hung (if being 10 inches in greater is the criteria I am well and truly fucked).

The women profiling at POF have a definite maleness to their attitude about sex. They appear to know what they want and know how to express it but it lacks the connection of my idea about sex friends. Most of these women want to be fucked once by many men. Hey, no judgment here but where is the happy medium?

Someone should create a dating site that is called or something because right now, in my limited experience, the two sites I have experience have a huge void for those of us, male and female, looking for something less than romance and more than a "wham-bam thank you ma'am" vibe.

Party Girls

I have not been to any parties that involved nakedness except once. In Grade 8 there was a young boy and girl couple that showed up to a party and for $5 a person they said they would fuck in front of all of the party goers and they did. I actually missed this part of the party and I am kind of glad I did but that event was something that lived with those 2 people throughout their high school experience. For what it was worth they were an item all through high school and for all I know they are still together all these years past. But that one indiscretion followed them sadly through the rest of their high school social careers.

I am not advocating people experience sexual intercourse at that age but the irony was that me and my male friends spent the all of high school trying to get laid and we would have probably have nailed that girl if we had the chance. Which is not saying much for the consistency of our moral compasses but lends credence to the fluidity of one's ethics depending on the circumstances.

In my party career I actually had the tendency to miss out of some of the more interesting goings on. My one chance for hot tub hedonism was missed by me because I had to ski race coach the next day early and all day so I begged of the invitation only to learn later that wine was drunk and clothes shed by all. The full details about that party were never disclosed so I think something very interesting did happen.


Dressed with Stockings

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