Friday, October 2, 2009

How are the Dam Busters and Pamela Green Connected?

Ever notice the connections one can make while doing research? I watched one of may favourite war movies 2 nights ago called the Dam Busters and as I am apt to do after seeing a film that interests me I decide to do the interwebby thing and do some research. Off I go to Google and find this site about the Dambusters. On the left sidebar is a category called Recommendations. OK, I am game so I click on the bar and there is a list of links, one of them pointing to a site about Pamela Green by Pamela Green. One of her photographers was a participant in the Dam Buster raid, a man by the name of Douglas Webb.He had a prolific career as a stills photographer for several British films and television series such as And Now for Something Completely Different and The Sweeney.

 He also was also had Pamela Green as a photo subject. She has her own site and I recommend it for its information about some of the groundbreaking film work she did. It has loads of interesting information and detail.

Some of Douglas Webb's work with Pamela Green.

Pamela Green: Va va vavoom! 

This stuff is heaven for an aviation history and vintage erotica buff like me!

BTW, I worked on one of only 2 flying Lancasters in existance...

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