Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jian Ghomeshi interviews Mad Men writer/co-producer (and Montréal native) Dahvi Waller

Jian Ghomeshi is one of my favourite radio interviewers on his show Q. See his interview of Billy Bob Thorton to get an idea of his style.

In in his interview of  Dahvi Waller there is a great segment about the accuracy of the lingerie in the show dealing with the girdle the stewardess was wearing in the episode when Don Draper gets close to jiggy with her before the hotel's fire alarm goes off. Her interview is the first one and should start playing when you click the link below.

Click here for interview.

Plus Dahvi Waller is Canadian and Mad Men is so hot right now. Lots of great Canadian writing talent impacts American culture.





Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Woman in Uniform...

Moscow Police Officers

Russian Airborne Officers - They can drop in on me anytime!


Dalian mounted police. Liaoning Province, China.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Agent Provocateur


I love Agent Provocateur as a company. They stretch the bounds of lingerie marketing like no other company with their innovative photo shoots. Now they have a comic book online that is a feast for the eyes. No, I have not read it yet. I like the pictures!

Which reminds me...this is one of my favourite Wings songs.

Alice in Wonderland



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Alana Zimmer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fetish Friday: Stockings Over Pantyhose



I have always been partial to stockings over pantyhose. I believe I have written about this before but it is worth mentioning again. Ironic that 2 of the stocking fetishist/people I follow online had their sites come up very early in a Google search. Try it out and report who you think they are.

Introducing this idea to a lover is actually pretty easy. If you consider how I do it you might see the possibilities of it being accepted by your partner. It is related to one of the most sensual activities I have enjoyed:  The dressing or undressing of a partner.

Now, you all may have had the pleasure of doing this and if you have not you should really, really consider it. The more conventional scenario is helping your partner dress for a night out to a dinner or party. Something about helping to zip up or down a woman's dress has always rocked my boat but go a bit further than that. Offer to lay out what you wish your partner to wear. And there is a VERY important step that you must do first. Be completely dressed. Why? Well it might just allow you to complete the dressing without any obvious activities that may sidetrack you and make you late for that important business dinner function but I think it makes it more erotic for both people.

Lay out their clothes as they shower or bathe. Lay them out neatly and in order of dressing. Help towel off your partner and let them take their time preparing to be ready to dress. Put on some of their favourite music and light some candles for them if they are so inclined for candlelight. Being that my lover was female this is a no brainer. Pour them a glass of wine. If so inclined watch them prepare. There is nothing so sexy as watching your lover attend to makeup and hair whilst talking to her. Remember that her efforts are not just for herself but for you. If she requires privacy respect that too but I have many pleasant memories chatting with my partner as she dressed.

When she is ready to dress I suggest having a comfortable chair set out, preferably with a cloth covering as leather is cold and inhospitable. Have her sit and slowly and deliberately add each garment to her body. I would suggest light sensual touching is OK but kissing is a no, no. At least for me because once I kiss that ankle I want to kiss the calf and move ever higher. But it is up to you and your ability to tempt temptation!

Don't recharge her glass of wine to aggressively. Remember you are going out soon! Keep that glass available but moderate the temptation to recharge her wine. Plus too much alcohol is not generally a good thing.

Once you have dressed her admire her and compliment her and head out for your night out.

Some caveats:

Your partner should always have the right of first refusal on your selection. Maybe those 5 inch stiletto heels are great "fuck me shoes" but they might not go all that well with her new DKNY dress.

That basque corset you chose may not be all that comfortable to wear for the next 4 hours.

Panties may be optional but that is generally her decision!

A variation of this idea is to make it part of your sexual play repertoire. Two basic scenarios apply her. Dressing and undressing. If the night is not one on the town but indoors, the kids are in bed or at the grandparents and we have 12 hours of whoopie then one can vary the dressing and undressing scenario as one sees fit.

I won't go into detail here because dear readers I figure most of you can suss that out for yourselves.

Going back to stockings over pantyhose (there was a main point to this post wasn't there?) I used this idea with great success with my lover. A small variation was I did not have the stockings visible and my partner knew I preferred stockings to pantyhose and she surely wondered why a white pair of pantyhose was being slid over her legs but then I unwrapped a nice pair of black seamed stockings and slid them on. Some physical and sensual inducements during the dressing surely helped here.

BTW:  touching, kissing, licking et al ARE allowed in this situation!

You certainly have your choice of colour combinations but I prefer strong contrasting colours. And you could do the reverse as well - pantyhose over stockings.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Submissive ann

Happy birthday ann!

Now some of you are wondering why I am using the lower case 'a' and not capitalizing it and if you do not know why you might think I am being disrespectful to ann but I am not being so at all.

ann is someone I met online at some years ago. ann was always wonderful in responding to my questions and ideas as we participated on the forums there in the good old days before the sell-out to Andrew Conru and then to Penthouse. I eventually joined her Yahoo Group and as time progressed we created a friendship online based on just that - mutual friendship based on similar interests.

ann is one of those unique people in the world. She is one in a million as she lives and breathes her interest in fetish to the max and I always found her personal interest in sharing her experiences and perspectives so refreshing and articulate (like several other people I know!).

Part of her experience in life leads to extensive travel and I got the distinct pleasure to meet her in person in Toronto last summer and today it is her birthday so I thought I would take a moment and honour her existence and impact she has had on my life. No, it is not earth shaking, sexual, or intimate but her essence as one of the most highly ethical and respectable people I have EVER met made an impact on me.

We got to share some preciously great sushi, wine and conversation at one of the most kick ass hotels in North America called The Drake. ann was a wonderful sight for the eyes and the psyche. Poised, articulate, effervescent, capable, sexy, fun, coy, mysterious, open and wonderful all rolled into one.

So ann, if you are out there and raising a glass for your birthday please know I am doing so too in silent appreciation of this day you were given to the world!

PS:  Link to ann approved fetish story involving her and yours truly.

Nick Danger's New Part-time Career

Nick has been beguiling us who know him and/or follow his blog with the news that he has an important project in development. In fact, us stocking aficionados and fetishists have had to put up with the lack of output from his blog because he is too busy to post.

HA! I just found out what he is up to!

Nick is staffing Katy Perry's retinue as a breast supporter. Apparently Katy eschews the use of a bra and prefers the man hands of Nick for the task of breast support.

Nick:  Just how do you apply for such a job?

Miguel Pappan









Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mia Rosing in Wolfords Hose

Click on this image to see all the splendor!

Stocking-Celebs is a place I go to from time-to-time to gander at some images. I like the blogger's taste in subjects but find the use of LinkBucks as an image hosting service a bit slow for my connection. Regardless, there is a post of Mia Rosing that is well worth going to. The images in and of themselves are GREAT but it is the detail of the images that is truly the hook for me. Go to the site and click on the image and wait for it to load and then click on the image after it downsizes to get the full size and gander at the detail of these photos.

Definitely safe for work. Definitely  worth your time.

Monday, September 21, 2009



I was over at Vintage Stockings Archive and banging around in the Strippers section when happenstance lead me to this image and it brought back some memories.

The first time I saw a strip show was during the summer of my 16th year. I was young and bold and there was a strip club in Breslau, Ontario called the Hawk's Nest. It was in the basement of a diner club establishment that was known for it smorgasbord and probably did better business pandering to the needs of lonely men and the odd brave teenager. I looked older than the then legal drinking age of 18 in Ontario to get into some of the local bars that had staff that looked the other way and as long as you did not get stupid or do something blatantly uncool one could partake in a tasty beverage without fear of legal retribution.

The Hawk's Nest got its name after Ronnie Hawkins. I have no idea how the bar got the name and sadly a quick bit of research on the internetwebbie does not seem to offer an confirmation of the existence of this bar but it did exist and I did go and see strippers in it.

Not having any recollection of my first visit and my impressions of this event I can only surmise that in my nervousness of going there my brain shut down and selectively truncated my memories of that moment but I do remember the dancing. In most cases each set from each dancer involved four songs. The first song involved the stripper parading around in some form of lingerie or costume and doing a rather mechanical show of her body and its various and sundry parts. The second song involved a quick strip down to panties only followed by the third song leading to the complete removal of the stripper's clothing. The "climax" as it were was the "fur rug dance" where in the stripper would mimic sexual intercourse using the rug and smoothly transition from position to position in her repertoire of oft mimicked positions. Seriously it was that predictable.

Then, and not often, there was a gem of a dancer. A REAL dancer that combined fluid motion with sensual teasing and was devoid of those robotic and mechanistic motions of the other dancers. She would sing with her body and eyes to tempt and engage and may I say in come cases engorge her audience. Sadly such performers were rare and wholly and heartedly appreciated.

Certainly I am not condoning going at my age but I would be a liar if I did not admit to liking the rough and ready camaraderie of going there with my friends. Eventually my core group of high school buddies got up the nerve to go and it was not at all uncommon for us to go 2 times a month to the 'rippers' as we called them. It was not until later that I heard the usage of the term 'ballet' as a code word for going to a strip club.

The image above has the tone and sense of that time. Pity to think that some photo from the late 70s is vintage and if it is then I must be vintage too.

It was a time of curiosity and testing our limits and rebelling against the conceptions of our parents. The most likely conversation at each boy's home later that night was something like this:

Q:  "How was you time with your friends?"

A:  "OK. Hung out at McDonalds all night. 'Night mom and dad."

If only they knew!

CoCo YaYa

CoCo YaYa is coming up to one year of having a profile on Model Mayem. She came to my attention with my bi-monthly wanderings over to Girdlebound where they had a splendid pictorial of her in stockings and lingerie. She is all of 34 which is fantastic in my opinion. Sensuality and sexuality is not confined by age and her images display an energy and verve from which younger models can take an example from. CoCo YaYa loves the camera and we should love her for that.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Motel Night-Table Give-A-Way

"Um, no darling. I have no special plans for tonight."

Vintage Ebony

Thursday, September 17, 2009


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