Monday, October 5, 2009


A friend of mine of Facebook posed the following quesion:

FACEBOOK EXPERIMENT- if you are reading this, whether we do or don't speak often, please post a comment of the first memory you have of you and me that pops in your head

I answered her and the memory is not all that important here but the question corkscrewed through my mind and I had the strongest memory of meeting Marlene for the first time. I cannot remember every detail and I hate when people use the cliche that they actually do remember EVERY detail but I will share with you that the memory of that first meeting is like a carbon paper copy of a document typed on a typewriter. The impressions and boldness of the letters do not match that of the original but some things are damn close.

The first thing that came to my memory was Marlene's hair. It is was the finest hair I had ever seen. I would have to say that if one thought of corn silk then that would begin to describe how fine it was. It is something that made an impression on me and I can still feel and smell her hair after the first time we embraced and her hair touched my face like a soft feather pillow.

The next thing I remember was the wine we drank at dinner. We had a Western New York Chardonnay and the hotel we ate at had a dismal cellar. Really no cellar at all and if they had offered corkage I would have brought a more robust and interesting wine from Marynessin or a Pilliteri white to share with you. The wine we did have was flat. Almost shale in taste. Luckily our conversation was not affected by the wine or the meal.

I remember more things than this but the last I will share is I remember how little you felt in my arms. I was only 4 inches taller but you were so slight and light I felt like I was going to crush you. Diminutive. Our hug felt wonderful and sadly sublime since it signaled our leaving from each other.

Such a small person - such a big heart.

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