Monday, November 30, 2009

Before and After

She stood there before me poised and confident the sophistication of her mind crystallized in her azure blue eyes. Her smile was remote model professional.

I took her wine from her and quaffed it down almost completely. Her smile melted into a frown and the beginnings of a statement of reprobation took form on her lips. Without a word I grabbed her arm and spun her around and pulled her to me tight. One hand holding her wrist awkwardly from behind; one hand on her throat.

"No one word," I hissed and bent her over keeping her arm back locked behind her back. One hand free to divulge my cock and then to tear those light French lace panties away. A kick at her ankles drops her hips down and I piston my hips forward stabbing darkly for what I am going to use. Her softness enveloped me and she began to moan basely. Rapidly I used her and was spent in less time than it takes to open champagne.

Letting her go she pulls her dress down and flicks the remnants of her panties away into the corner, turns to me and I offer her wine glass back. Her hand raises to her now unkempt hair and her eyes offer to me awkward uncertainty.

After she stops moving and is transfixed in her uncertainty I turn my back to her and leave.

Style Comments: Busy Looking Lingerie

I would never presume to have the fashion expertise of say, Treacle, when commenting on lingerie and stocking fashion but these two images did give me pause to take a stab at it.

In the above image we have a very attractive Japanese woman. She is more than appropriately attired in bra, panties, garter belts and stockings. Very sexy and I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers or for wearing what she is wearing but I would have to hazard the comment that her fashion combination is too busy on the eyes. The lovely pink applique detailing on her bra and panties is getting lost in the busy lace pattern of her stockings. It is, in effect, an assault on the eyes. If she had picked a nice pair of simple black stockings or better yet pink ones she would have added a lot of pop to the pink detailing of her panties and bra.

Contrast this with the image below...

There is too much pink going on here. Black stockings would have accentuated the lingerie she is wearing. Again the crackers comment applies here...who am I to complain if sex is involved!

Compare the two lingerie combinations above this one. Smooth, sleek, and sexy. There is enough colour tonal similarity between this woman's corselette, panties, and stockings to blend the selection together and the demarcation between the darker colours on the lower half of her body (stockings and panties) actually accentuates her breasts quite well. Matching colours does not have to be the goal of the day.

As this picture illustrages picking one dominant colour such a blue in this case can make for a nice mix of colour contrasts without that colour contrast looking too busy.

I am no expert but I like what I like!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vintage MoJo

Those are one hell of a big I mean spoon.

Something about a woman just dressed in opera gloves that is a total turn on.


"I'm upside down again!"

Spic and Span Saturday

Time for some Spic and Span since it is Saturday! Source...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy American Thanksgiving

Not at all Hard on the Eyes


Some of My Favourite Places

In the next series of posts I am going to share some images and the sources of those images. Unlike Tumblr there seems to be no easy way to show what sites I go to. So on the sidebar at the bottom of the page I will start building a list.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Question about Comments on This Blog

Anonymous was good enough to ask this question:

"By the way, I've asked this question on my own blog before but got rather limited reactions. While your blog is definitely "adult" it's relatively mild. How do you feel about comments from more extreme bloggers? I sometimes forget and post under my web persona, but I try remembering to post anonymously when the blog doesn't match my flavor or stronger.

Would you and others mind giving your opinion? What's proper form?"

Comments on this blog are always appreciated. Though my blog images are in the mild category (and I agree with that assessment) this is a blog that is interested in anyone's perspective. Obviously if the comments do not meet Bloggers Terms of Service or, and as the author of this blog, I reserve the right to delete or edit comments I find inappropriate. I suspect I would rarely have to do this though and would hope that the fans of this blog use some common sense and decorum when posting comments.

Having said that if you feel the urge to comment about how these images impact you or share thoughts, experiences, and other ideas that you want to share please do so. If you are not sure you can always contact me by going to my Blogger profile and emailing me directly and I can view your submission and let you know.

Just so you know that I do like less mild imagery.

One of the reasons for my selection of images is based a bit on the fact that in my years on this inter-webby content dump system I have seen my range of less mild images and though some of the themes are things I like I do find the generally classier and more erotic images more lasting and more impressionable on my minds eye. I can draw ideas for personal fantasies for those images better than raw images of extreme fetishistic sex.

The other reason is because I have a group of images sites mostly from Tumblr that I draw these images from and they tend to be more philosophically attuned to my blogging taste. Even from those sites I self-edit some of the images and only select the ones that seem to mesh thematically with this blog. I do like the consistency of my postings but if you have sites you like feel free to share them.

In particular I am dying for Ebony related sites of generally erotic themes.

Thanks for the feedback and the question!!!

If it is Tuesday I must be in Asia


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meandering About Inside My Mind

I have been reading some blogs on my blog list lately and been fascinated with the frankness of them. In some ways, though I have blogged about my experiences here, sharing my experiences and insights is a little intimidating because though I am only 47 I did grow up in a family where discussions about sex and sexuality did not occur. My acculturation to being more open and honest about my sexuality and my needs grew out of being married to S and then subsequent events after my 2nd marriage.

One of these singular moments I want to share. For me and I hope for others they have the chance, if not the honour, to interact with someone like I did in the following situation.

My second marriage imploded on me and I was in want, no need, of physical sexual companionship. I was faithful to my 2nd partner but our sex life had dried up to the point that some of my memories of what happened during the latter phases of my marriage still rend wounds open in my psyche. Oh, I am definitely functional as a human bean but writing this brings back one memory that crystallizes the pain and loneliness I experienced during the last 4 years of that marriage.

The last time I made love to my wife was on my birthday in 1998. We had organized a night alone without the kids and had reserved a nice table at a higher end restaurant to enjoy a "romantic" meal together. The conversation and motions of that segment of the evening were normal enough but when it came time to slip into bed and make love things got strange. My partner was definitely detached mentally from me and as I began to make love to her she began to cry. I had no idea why this was happening until much later but she was experiencing guilt because she did not love me anymore. It was very upsetting and she was never honest with me as to the reasons this happened. After that we never had sexual relations again.

Snap forward to 2001 and my marriage had ended. I had continued to be faithful to my marriage though some limited situations did arise that would have tempted Job. When we parted my need to be faithful disappeared especially given the circumstances of her betrayal towards me. I did the internet thingy and on Lavalive where I have been a member for almost too long now (lol) I began searching for a dominant woman. My conception of my needs at that time were predicated on an interest in BDSM and D/s and my self confidence sexually was at a place where I thought I would be a good submissive. It was almost as if I needed to be punished for the failure of my marriage.

As luck would have it I began a short 3 month long distance relationship with a Domme in Montreal. We emailed and chatted for sometime before we talked on the phone. She was courteous, respectful, and empathic towards me. In male terms - a gentlemen. Over time she tasked me with online research and would send me information to read and respond to her and eventually I grew to enjoy her attention and the intellectual challenges she offered. These challenges did not only reside in the world of D/s but spanned other subjects and her intellect and approach towards me only solidified my interest in her.

Eventually we talked of meeting and as we began the process of organizing this I received an email from her. It was long. On the printed page it spanned 4 pages and was a thorough analysis of what she had divined from our chats, emails, and conversations and her conclusion stunned me.

She proposed I was DOMINANT instead of submissive.

Her conclusion took be aback. I did not know at first how to respond and she had specified not replying or contacting her for 48 hours to give me time to think about her words. I reread her analysis over and over again and slept on it and realized she was right. My nascent interest in being submissive was actually a vehicle on discovering whether I was submissive or dominant. Her points rang so true it was as if she had known me for years.

We talked at length after her proscribed quiet period and our conversations verified in my mind her conclusion. She and I maintained an online relationship for several months after that where in she acted as a mentor for me and she helped me shape my conception of this new found expression of my sexuality. I am forever in her debt for that.

Life is full of challenges and missteps and there are times we are blessed with people that enter our lives momentarily and give us more than we may realize at first. She was one of those people.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Seems like some of the images I linked in previous post do not show up. That SUCKS!

On a different note those that are into BDSM please head over to make me your girl on the side. Your Girl has a wonderful interesting blog about her mission spanning one year to find a Dom or Domme and she has a wicked intellect regarding roleplaying that I adore.

Some images I like...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day Honourifics

Though I am partial to stockings this would definitely get my attention.

Colours match to well so probably photoshopped but those legs!

The lace detailing at the boot tops is awesome!
The detail on these stockings is sublime.

Daddy always knows best.
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