Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lolita Quotient

No pix tonight peeps.

But a question...

If you were my age and a woman that was 20 years old was interested in you would you act on it?


  1. Why not?! The key words being she is interested in you. Sounds like a win win!

  2. Somewhere I got the idea you were married. It seems like that's the relevant question.

    Otherwise, why not do it? (I think you're just bragging!) I think you'll be surprised. I've had the opportunity to date a few women about half my age, greatest disparity being 43-19. There's fun to it, but intellectually and emotionally? Well, it just doesn't fit.

  3. I personaly have a rule, no one under 21. It's not the age that's the problem it's that they can't drink or go to bars. The other problem i find is a level of maturity that generaly only comes with age. Of your ok with thoes two problems then I say Go for it!!

  4. Well, for those who care, I am not married. Have been but that was almost a decade ago.

    I think the age disparity is a potential problem too. But we tease each other and enjoy each others company so probably best to keep it that way.

    @ Janus...

    Cute beyond words. In personality and physically.

  5. Honestly, if there is mutual attraction and interest and no personal encumbrances, why not? (One caveat: probably not wise to do it if she's a co-worker.)

    BTW, I would love to hear opinions from some of your many female readers on this issue.

  6. Not married. Check. Cute beyond words. Check. Not a coworker. . .

    If you make that last check, you owe it to yourself. You've already expressed enough caution. She'll chase and you'll try slowing her down, concerned you're taking advantage of her youth.

    Who better? You or some piece of crap kid who'll treat her like dirt. Give the girl a break!

    Oh the places you'll go. . .


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