Saturday, October 31, 2009


Posting may be a bit sporadic in the next couple of weeks due to personal commitments but I will try!


It is in the Details

Take a look at the wonderful pattern work on these stay ups. Be sure to click for full size...

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lolita Quotient

No pix tonight peeps.

But a question...

If you were my age and a woman that was 20 years old was interested in you would you act on it?

Thursday, October 29, 2009



To give my feelings for you
Words like Passion, Trust, Love
Truly does my feelings injustice

The words have not been discovered

And never will be

A voyage of discovery
Two entities,
Two pasts,
Two presents,
Two futures

Like Magellan or Curie
The unknown
Fear and Joy of Discovery
Stronger for the passage of experiences
Saddened by loss or the chance of loss

A point of definition
Yet to be uncovered

Where will this lead
How will it end
Will it end
Will this be worth it?

Shielding the light from sight
Is there that much difference
I don't want to hurt you
I love you

Doing what is necessary
My life with or without
Shadows of deeper emotions
Creeping towards me
Ill defined

Must I wait
Will I wait

One path trodden upon by many
With few deep tangible footprints

Which one will I take?

I found this poem a day ago while getting my house ready to sell. Going through my rather cluttered office I have several file boxes with some old (read grade school) school assignments and other mementos from the pasts. I happened on this poem for Ginny.

She was a lover of mine some time ago and was 13 years my senior. Our romance was short lived but deeply passionate. We spent a lot of time together over 2 years. Boating, skiing, sailing, day tripping, antiquing, socializing, loving and living. I was in love with her but she she was not with me. I never declared my love for her - the only time in my life I was in love with someone and did not declare it.

This was the one unspoken word between us. I felt though we never talked about it that I was a type of therapy for her. I was that man that validated her emotions, sexuality, and femininity after a bad relationship she had before we got together. I was attentive, gallant, romantic, interested and aroused by her. I was consistent in my passion for her. Not just her body but her soul and she needed that.

What she did not need was me permanently.

She only spoke of it once. The last night we spent together. It was the only time we slept together but apart. She said the words just as I was drifting off, "You're going to want children someday, Eric." She was 41 and did not want children. I was 28 and had not thought about it. In our context I knew that children would never be but at my age the possibility of anything was the only thing in my mind. When I turned 41 I thought about her words and I understood.

I have children now. Ginny was right. Not completely right. I would have forsaken children for her. Funny to love someone so much and be willing to give up something as sacred as children but never say "I love you."

I wrote this poem shortly after we separated and never did give it to her. But I kept the poem in my files for 17 years. I cannot remember the last time I looked at it and read it though I know I have acknowledged the existence of the poem in my mind I have not read it until tonight as I was transcribing it for this entry. What a strange feeling.

In many ways it was a relationship of convenience and though she kept me emotionally far enough away not to allow me the obligation of telling her I loved her while at the same time never declaring that to me either, I think we both knew this in our sub-conscious.

I hold my memory of her dear to me and the one picture of us together I will keep forever.


Welcome to my blog. I love your taste in photography!


Some Selections from Ben Trovato

Ben Trovato focuses on fashion photographers. Well worth the linkage.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blow Job

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Dream of Scribbles

I have been honoured by Treacle a Superior Scribbler Award! She was kind enough to consider me and 4 other blogs worthy of this award from her and I appreciate it mostly because of the respect I have for her and her efforts at her blog, Stockings Addict. What a great shot in the arm to be recognized by one's peer and I certainly appreciate it.

The great think is, that as a recipient of this award I get to define who I think deserves it and so I shall...and in no particular order:

Great Aunt Gill's Tumblr blog offers sex, sin, humour and if you follow it regularly, insight into one of the people I would travel a rather great distance to share a glass of wine with. Gill posts erotic and other themed images and offers, most often, a short comment that seems to capture that images mood. She makes you think too. Something we all need to do from time-to-time.

Keith...what can I say about Kieth's blog. Fuck, it would take days just to review his amazing list of links of interesting and may I say unusual content. I had no idea there was a Nunsploitation film genre and I know a bit about kink. Yet Keith has wonderful posts that are simple and to the point and wonderfully varied. He also gives great feedback to others.

A new blog I happened upon because of Keith, I believe. No matter MOFOs. Get over there now. If you want to read some wonderfully frank personal experiences about BDSM and D/s and enjoy the imagery Doll offers then get over to this blog now. Though Doll's blog has only been in my sights for a month now I am addicted and recommend it.

I will be frank, I do not read Skippy's blog as much as go back to his list occasionally for a laugh. I swear in a former life I was military because the lists he has shared ring so f-ing true.

OK, it is my list. So I think Nick and SV deserve a pitch but WTF...they have between them FOUR blogs I know about and some super secret Area 51 project in the Skunk Works that no one but Obama knows about because they have great taste in erotica and porn vis-a-vis stockins. Do not go there at your own risk. If you are not a stocking or nylon lover you will be.

So, there you have it...My Superior Scribbler Award recipients. Now Honourees it is your turn to pass on this honour to 5 blogs you think superior!

And, no pictures this post. Go to them for that!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Got A Problem...

Wellllllllllll, it is not really a problem at all but something great. My last site statistics report indicated

45,645 visits. Very respectable and in large part to Great Aunt Gill who posted my link on Indinudes. The really
great news is that daily visits went from 191 a day to 216 which is a respectable increase of 13% 
Not that I am a numbers whore, I ain't. But seeing that what I post and what I writeis of interest to people is.
The problem is that I intended to due a series of uber-posts when the blog hit 50,000 visits to mark that occasion
and now it looks like I am going to do it much sooner than I thought.
So, any ideas would be appreciated.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview with Treacle

With Treacle's recent celebration of making 500 posts and the recent well earned recognition for her blog I decided to send her some interview questions so fans of her can get some more insight to this prolific blogger about lingerie and fetish subjects relating to lingerie and nylons.

She was kind enough to consent to the interview and here it is for our enjoyment and benefit.

The Interview

1. Treacle, can you please give us a brief overview of your lingerie history? When did you become interested in lingerie and why?

Hmmm...though I grew up wearing thigh highs and pantyhose and girdles, I didn't become interested in lingerie until I was several years out of college.  The stockings I credit with my lingerie renaissance are the Falke Lunelle Peacock Thigh Highs; they're actually the subject of my very first post on Stockings Addict!  When I saw those stockings, I abruptly realized that lingerie was more than a means to an end, it could be an end in itself.

2.  What motivated you to write a blog?

After discovering those peacock welt thigh highs, I couldn't get enough. All of a sudden a new world of tights, stockings, and other hosiery opened up to me.  I was eager to share my discoveries with anyone who'd listen but I found my friends (and my then-boyfriend) didn't really share my budding passion. So I started Stockings Addict to keep from driving them all crazy.  As I mentioned in the post "Why Write a Stockings Blog?," I also write to share my opinions of different products and because I want to connect with other lovers of lingerie.

3.  How has your blog changed since you started writing it? Has the intent changed and do you feel that such regular contributions improve you writing skills and insights into lingerie but also about yourself?

I feel like my blog has become more complex since I started writing it, which makes perfect sense because I've become more complex too.  Certain types of articles, like reviews, sales, and "lust" posts were there from the very beginning.  Other features like Photo Friday, Runway to Realway, and my recent How-to series are more recent, and I hope, more timeless. 

I definitely feel like I've not only become a better writer, but that I've developed a stronger sense of what Stockings Addict is all about.  For example, I want Stockings Addict to be a welcoming, inclusive space on the internet for all stockings lovers, no matter no their gender or particular interest.  That means adhering to certain policies, like "no nudity" and deleting any pornographic or malicious comments.

4.  You have quite a few followers on Blogger and have received some great recognition online. Would you mind sharing the growth of site traffic on you blog and was there any particular reason for its growth?

I only recently started tracking statistics, so I'm not sure how any of those visitors for the first year or so found me!  However, I try to post consistently (once per day, currently), and I try to make sure my content is always worth reading.  I'm true to myself, and I write the blog I want to read.  I believe my visitors respond to that.

5.  I have no problem admitting to find inspiration in reading your blog. What types of media (not only blogs) inspire or shape your content?

I draw inspiration from two sources: the fashion world and the fetish world.  I'm just as likely to find something useful from Vogue magazine as I am from a sex worker's personal journal.  I also get a lot of ideas from my readers.  Several of my more recent posts have been based on questions people have e-mailed me.

6.  Have you ever had moments of writer's block and if so how do you overcome them?

I do get moments of writer's block, and I find that the best solution is to write anyway.  You don't have to publish everything you write; the important thing is not to lose momentum.  I also keep a list of ideas as they come to me, so that when I do have a case of writer's block I can simply refer to that.  Finally, I  maintain several series, so if I'm really stuck for ideas I can just write another addition to them.  The biggest thing though, is to write, write, and write some more.  It gets easier the more you do it.

7.  Do you have any tips or comments for bloggers about fashion/lingerie?

Write about what you love.  I didn't start Stockings Addict because I wanted to be popular, I started it because I love stockings.  Keeping that perspective in mind helps me stay true to myself.  And speaking of staying true to yourself, figure out what you bring.  Find your voice, and once you find it, don't change it. Finally, be consistent.  Figure out when you can post, and stick to that schedule.

8.  Last, what are you wearing while you were interviewed?

My Kiss Me Deadly Emerald Alouette bra set.  I love this thing!  There's a picture of me in it here, and you buy it (on sale, even!) here.
Thank you so much Treacle for your time!

Sexy Saturday


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stockings Addict has a Major Milestone

Treacle is the generic name for any syrup made during the refining of sugar cane[1] and is defined as "uncrystallized syrup produced in refining sugar".[2] Treacle is used chiefly in cooking as a form of sweetener or condiment.

The most common forms of Treacle are the pale syrup that is also known as golden syrup and the darker syrup that is usually referred to as dark treacle or black treacle. Dark treacle has a distinctively strong flavour, slightly bitter, and a richer colour than golden syrup, yet not as dark as molasses. Golden syrup is the main sweetener in the Treacle Tart.
Alternate Definition

Treacle is a lingerie and fashion blogger who consistently shares her insights about this subject via her blog called Stockings Addict. Sadly her blog is not aptly named as she seems to be a Lingerie Addict who posts high quality articles about lingerie and stockings. Her blog is defined by being well written and interesting to others with similar interests.
The most common form of Treacle are posts with valuable information and wonderful images and links attached to them. Further, Treacle is known to post her infamous Photo Friday entries for those who need an erotic stocking fix.
Treacle in its current form is addictive but safe form of lingerie appreciation.
My congratulations to Treacle the authoress of Stockings Addict. She just finished her 500th entry since she started blogging in March 2008. If you are a regular here and have not hopped over to Treacle's blog please do. It is a wonderful compendium of lingerie advice, deals, images, and personal relations of her passion. Treacle writes eloquently about these subjects and has been recognized by not only other bloggers of the same ilk (read lingerie) but others that write generally about women's fashion.

Her posts are of a consistent high quality and well worth reading. Treacle covers the major brands but also regales us with wonderful finds from small independent lingerie providers like Black Milk

So head on over check it out!

You can also follow her on Twitter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sex on a Boat

I highly recommend it!

I was at a party a couple of days ago and being that I am probably the 2nd oldest staff member at work and definitely am the oldest in my department I tend to have a lot of stories. I am thankful I have a lot of stories. I have done some pretty cool shit in my day. And some uncool shit too that I am not particularly proud of. So I do tend to have a story related to the general shift of the conversation from time-to-time and one of my co-workers commented after one of my Mayday stories (incidents involving emergencies on the water) that I had done everything. Well, not everything but a lot compared to some. And not a lot compared to others.

Sex on a boat...where was I?

Oh, recommended. The elements of water, sun, sand and the fact that being on a boat in the summer lends you and your partner to dress minimalistic-ally are all elements that can lead to sex on a boat. Of course, you need a boat or some form of flotation device that will stand the stress and rigours of furious fucking. I would not recommend a canoe for that but gentle love-making would be the ticket there unless you are on dry ground.

I will have to admit to some aspect of romantic deviousness here. Taking a date to my boat was in some ways a test. First, if they did not like boating we were probably not going to be very compatible since I used to spend almost every weekend up north at it. Second, the boat was a perfect place to be alone. There is little to disturb you (until recently there was no cellular coverage in the area I boated and now it is still spotty). One could converse. Not talk but converse about things that mattered and somehow being on the water seems to relax people and let their personalities shine through. Three, and this is the "devious" part, if there was anytime in my romantic life I wanted to attempt a seduction it was on my boat. I certainly did not force myself on my romantic partner (unless they wanted me to) but given that boating would take an entire day the prerequisites for a seduction were apt to come to the fore while out on the water.

Sprinkle in some good food and wine and you have the makings of a seduction.

Problem is seducing a person on a boat can be downright dangerous!

Not that I ever was distracted while piloting my boat by being given oral sex as I take safety as a primary responsibility as the Master of the boat and the host but once anchored in some distant remote cove the gloves came off, as it were.

One trip with K we puttered around the area of Georgian Bay I know pretty well but one of the things that was frustrating is that we did not have the time to go farther north to get away from the other weekend boaters in the area. We were looking for a bay with a modicum of privacy and it was becoming difficult to do but eventually we found a bay that had no boats in it. I was to find out why.

See, when you anchor a boat you need to have a bottom conducive for the anchor to bite into and hold the anchor against the stress induced by the wind and the waves. We did anchor and as a precaution a good captain takes a sighting of two landmarks and mentally marks his position in relation to those landmarks. If the landmarks move you are moving and you need to reset the anchor or find another anchorage.

Be that as it may the expectation of some ramrod rough sex with K (and it was her expectation to) led to some poor judgment on my part. We anchored. I took my sighting and then slipped into the cabin for some well deserved mutual pleasure. Well, without getting into the gory details when I eventually came up for air (literally - K loved oral sex) I decided to slip on my swimsuit and check my sighting.

Oh blast. We had moved over 150 yards from our original position and there were rocks abaft our beam about 10 yards a way.

Not good. Poor K is wondering why I am scampering forward to start the engine and raise the anchor pronto and I hear her plaintive cry, "Come back here Eric. PLEASE?" as I move about wondering if anyone can see my nautical and physical predicament. Avast me hearties all turned out well. Boat saved. Sex resumed and everyone happy and satiated.

Turns out that there were several elements against our wonderful plan. The wind was high. The waves were too. And our rythmic motions in the cabin was helping to unseat the anchor on a bottom that was not conducive to anchoring a boat. So that is why no one was in the cove. The anchorage sucked.

But any good sailor must be able to adjust and adapt to their environment.

Great Aunt Gill is up to no good!

She has been posting like a fiend so get thee over there now!

They can work on my "lumber" anytime!

Hump Day Image Dump

Well for most of you dear readers it IS Hump Day. For us of the ever variable weekly shifts it is actually probably not Hump Day.

I'll take the first one on the right. No the second. Not the middle one. Wait! The one on the left! 2nd from left. Damn, the third from the left. Aw damn. ALL OF THEM!

If they will have me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been going through some of my collection of DVDs lately and last night I watched Fanango. It is a story about a group of college graduates and one drop-out who upon graduation take a road trip adventure through some of the more desolate parts of Texas. It is full of humour and though classed as a road trip movie (and know where near as crass as Road Trip) it has some wonderful moments in it.

One of the best sequences involves Truman Sparks piloting his clapped out Cessna 182 to Houston to pick up one of the character's fiance so they can be married. The sequence is a pretty amazing compilation of aerobatics from an aircraft not initially designed to do aerobatics. Having worked on the 182 I can attest to its reputation of being like the Oldsmobile of the sky. Until seeing this film I never thought anyone could wring this type of performance out of such a plane.

The sequence:

Oh, and the addition of Born to be Wild by the Canadian band Steppenwolf helps too!

There is actually related to stockings or hose here though... Really!

Suzy Amis (Titanic) plays the fiance and she dances with Gardner, her former lover in what must have been a bittersweet moment for both of them. First, I love Suzy Amis. She is not a blockbuster actress but she has an ethereal quality to her looks. It is hard to define for you unless you have seen her in this movie but their dance symbolizes Gardner and her shared love for each other when they were dating. He even keeps a bandanna of hers offers it to her as they first connect during their dance. The dancing is what intimate dancing is for me and I have been privileged to dance that way with a woman I love. There is a connection made between two people when they dance that closely and this part of the film portrays this well. At least for me, exactly what it feels and moves like.

Oh yes...the legs. It is hard to see in the YouTube video but Suzy Amis legs are wonderful and clad in virginal white hose.

Suzy Amis on left

Pretty Patterns

My apologizes for the bad linkage in the previous original post.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucy Dominga

Here and Here

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Han Chae-I: School Girl




I first saw Jewel in the movie Ride with the Devil and was immediately smitten with her soft feminine looks. She plays Sue Lee Shelley, a woman that is involved with one of the minor characters in the film until later plot developments lead her and Tobey Maquire (Jake "Dutchie" Roedel) to marriage and their subsequent move from the horrors of the Civil War to the relative peace of California.

I thought she did a good job in this role and that it might lead to more films for her but sadly her career as an actress has not really developed for her.

Dealing with the movie Ride with the Devil I would recommend it. It was received with mixed reviews but as a student of history I found the film interesting in its portrayal of that aspect of the American Civil War that is relatively little know compared to the campaigns on the Eastern seaboard and along the Mississippi theaters of action. The movie is set in Missouri during the war and explores several themes regarding comradeship, slavery, and the cruelty of war and how it can not only diminish a person's humanity but accentuate it as well.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Opaque Tights and Shorts

Oh my...what's a man to do? I believe Treacle called it (and if I could find the blog entry I would link it) when she wrote that a hot new trend for the Fall was shorts and tights! Well in my area, not exactly a hot bed of fashion, this trend is in. Very in.

I am so happy. Where I work we get an average of a thousand customers a day so we see all sorts of women dressed mostly casually in jeans and very rarely in dress or skirts. But thanks to the Stocking God of Fashion there were 3 - count them - 3 women that I saw in shorts and opaque tights. Oh my.

The voyeuristic side of me wishes I had some way to snap a few shots of these delectable delights but that would not be right. And it would get me fired.

My favourite was a very striking blonde woman (and I apologize for not being able to render an adequate fashion description here) in a Black hip length bomber style jacket with beige furn trim on the hood and cuffs, beige shorts (very short shorts), chocolate coloured tights finished off with calve high high heeled boots with a turned down cuff at the top of the boot.


I sure hope this trend continues and if the winter is not too cold here it will continue past the fall as well.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Burlesque West: Exotic Dancing in Vancouver

Burlesque West charts some of the history of Vancouver's burlesque history.

The colour and style of these stockings are exactly like the first pair I bought for S. Such sweet memories.

Incanto Lingerie

Zooey Deschanel Pantyhose-a-Looza!

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