Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bond Girl: Barbara Bouchet

Some people may not consider the first Casino Royale a Bond film but I do. It is a spoof of the James Bond genre and can be terribly uneven at times but it has a wonderful tongue in cheek attitude and some great lines.

I particularly like the scene where Evelyn Tremble played by Peter Sellers exits Casino Royale in pursuit of an evil henchman who has kidnapped one of his accomplices. He calls for a very fast car and his driver (Stirling Moss) drives up in a Formula 1 style race car and gets out.

Evelyn Tremble - Moss?
Moss - Yes, sir.
Evelyn Tremble - Follow that car!
Moss - Yes, sir.

Moss promptly RUNS after the car.
Evelyn Tremble - I'll use Fangio next time. Idiot!

The physical humour is readily evident but one should note that Moss and Fangio were Formula 1 rivals.

One of the actresses in Casino Royale was Barbara Bouchet playing Moneypenny. I think Louis Maxwell was the best Moneypenny but Barbara Bouchet is definitely the hottest!


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