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From Russia With Love

Oh yes. Choker. Stockings. Tatiana. And BOND!
James Bond: You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.
Tatiana: Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big.
James Bond: No, it's the right size... for me, that is.

Oh James, you stud muffin!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Part 8: Erotic Closure

Well, the last part of my opus is complete. I wrote this back in November and have tweaked it and done some editing and I have to admit a sense of pleasure in the process and the wonderful feedback I have received. Thanks to Nick and Stocking Vixen and Gill in particular for your kind words, feedback, and encouragement.

I am mulling some ideas in my mind for the next opus but Nick has one of my stories and a poem available to post in the future.

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Carol Vorderman

This post originally had a YouTube video of Carol Vorderman from Top Gear. It appears to be missing from their YouTube site. Damn!

So this will have to do...

Diana Rigg

I meant to post some images of Diana Rigg in my blog and I may have but not tagged the entry. All the same here is Diana. Click on the image for more detail.
Question: Is she wearing stockings or pantyhose?

Oh My!

Spread Your Legs

Yes, please do!
One thing about being older is I think most of us end up not experiencing CC (car coitus) as frequently as we did when we were younger. As a teenager we did not have our own place to go to so often the opportunity to have sex would have to be taken in a car. I wonder what the statistics are for the location of losing one's virginity in Canada and the US is?
Officially I did not loose my virginity in a car but beside one. On wet gravel no less. Guess it was something I really needed to loose.
Once one becomes an adult and get's their own place the frequency of CC goes down pretty dramatically unless it is a fetish. Though not a fetish I have to admit I have revelled in the rare opportunities for CC.

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Old Tyme

FYI: Seems that some temporary files from Adobe Reader was the problem. So posting should be back to "normal"!

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Technical Problems...

Peeps, I cannot for some reason upload images to my blog from my main computer. Sigh. Seems like a common problem at Blogger. Will try to fix it but my posting rate will slow down for a bit.

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Friday Wet Look

Old Times

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I think this is..

Tiana Hunter. Image from Stockgirl.



Not So Serious


I love photographs like this one. All to often the images we see and I post are pretty damn straight forward. A woman in lingerie and stockings. Airbrushed to the hilt. Generally a size 1 or 2. Perfect makeup. Perfect hair.
A picture like this grabs me and hold on to me. Where is she? Why are her teeth clenching her panties or upper part of her pantyhose? Why are her feet and hose so dirty? Is she a victim or a willing participant?
All these questions start with the before and the after. It is a story captured in one instant with a train of photos that explain why, who, what, where, when and how. Then there are the photos in one's mind that want to know the same questions about after.
And then you go back to the image. Ponder it and wonder.
Yes, I like these images. Maybe I will write a story about this.

Stocking Dreams and Other Tidbitties

Should have not fallen asleep!

Is that a horn or are you just happy to see me!

Don't fuck with ME Paris Hilton!

Look, lady, I TOLD you: You dress incendiary!

My HMO sucks!

Mafia House Wife

Not those balls! THESE!!!

Cherry Sauce is the new black.

I wish I could remember who to credit these to. Fantastic!

Posting Like Treacle and Stocking Vixen

Like Treacle as in high "end" fashion.
Like Stocking Vixen as in beautiful booties!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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Part 7: Erotic Closure

Part 7 of my story Erotic Closure has been posted at Nylon Whispers. Part 8 will be coming soon!

The other parts are located:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


It is funny how connections are made. To wit:

Last night I was channel surfing and fell upon Van Helsing. Now I do not generally like horror movies except the likes of 28 Days Later but I do like Van Helsing for one reason - Kate Beckinsale. How she runs about in that leather corset without her breasts falling out (damn!) I will never know.

So, later this day I am reading Lisa's blog and note a comment from Nick Danger. In it he refers to Van Helsing. Which got me thinking...There has to be at least one picture of Kate in stockings. And there is. Enjoy...

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Folder Titled "Alexia"

Reviewing my images collection I found these that I definitely need to share.

Giving a Helping Hand

I go to Celebrity Parasite from time to time and the blogger had posted some rather blurry images of Scarlett Johansson. As I think we image bloggers are apt to do I stumbled on some much better images and sent them to him. He posted them! Nice to be able to give a helping hand!
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