Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Art of Tease

We all do it. We hopefully all subject to it. What makes good tease? That subtle gesture, that look in their eyes or the overt actions or dress of your partner? I love subtlety. The nuances of subtle teasing bespeaks your partner's knowledge of you and what turns you on. If you ever want to uber-power your romantic or sexual life be good at teasing. Subtle teasing is an art that comes from you or your partner's knowledge and empathy of the person being teased. It can be a look or a gesture, perhaps a special fragrance.

Want to get me going? Vanilla scented candles work wonders for me. Sure this is not a direct physical act of teasing but it is something I have come to associate with foreplay or the aspect of fore-foreplay that can lead to a wonderful encounter. Please, not heavily scented cheap vanilla candles but soft light hint at vanilla will turn my crank anytime.

Words are good. Suggestive words and even delightfully explicit phrases timed right can be an act of tease. I once had my partner say to me as we were entering a church for a friend's wedding whisper close to my ear letting her lips touch that erogenous zone so lightly as to send shivers down my spine this, "I am all yours tonight." A soft squeeze of my hand and we entered the church. Believe you me my mind was not on the vows or the ceremony nor the dinner and the dance. My mind was on what was going to happen AFTER the wedding. She even had instituted a remote detachment from me as well keeping our touches wonderfully chaste and innocent expect for a slow dance later that night where she nestled her hips into me as we danced together and added, "Soon lover, soon."

Thank heavens we had a room at that hotel where the wedding was at!

Romance, passion, sexual desire is something to be cherished and developed. It keeps the romance alive, fresh, interesting and if done well exhilarating and more than satisfying. Want to get past the honeymoon period of any relationship? Then learn how to tease and be teased.

Actually is should be: I will tease the boys/girls.

I call this overt teasing. We like this.

Subtle teasing using fragrance strategically placed and, at least for me, the use of a choker which is reminiscent of one of the aspects of my sexual awakening (thank you From Russia with Love) and something symbolic between two people.

Not looking at your partner can be a form of tease.

Sitting as a form of tease.


  1. Hello there. Great post as usual. I really do enjoying seeing what you will post next. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Take care. Have a fantastic week ahead. Cheers!

  2. Love the Dita Von Teese photo. Keep up the great post!

  3. Delightful! Let's have more "how-to" posts.


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