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Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Can Have Any Colour as Long as it is Not Black

Colours (colors for our American friends) are elemental to the allure of nylons and stockings but all too often we see beige when there are SO MANY wonderful colours out there to be seen and worn. I am all for the basic contrast of black stockings against the pale skin of a Caucasian woman or the contrast of white stockings against a Black woman's skin. And truth be told, I am a absolute fan of cocoa or chocolate stockings.

With some many colours of hose out there I wish women in my area would go a bit crazy and try out something more interesting that some bland colour they bought at WalMart.

This woman has used a wonderful colour of mid-brown to accent her belts and cardigan...

While these yellow tights accentuate this person's legs...

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