Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview with Treacle

With Treacle's recent celebration of making 500 posts and the recent well earned recognition for her blog I decided to send her some interview questions so fans of her can get some more insight to this prolific blogger about lingerie and fetish subjects relating to lingerie and nylons.

She was kind enough to consent to the interview and here it is for our enjoyment and benefit.

The Interview

1. Treacle, can you please give us a brief overview of your lingerie history? When did you become interested in lingerie and why?

Hmmm...though I grew up wearing thigh highs and pantyhose and girdles, I didn't become interested in lingerie until I was several years out of college.  The stockings I credit with my lingerie renaissance are the Falke Lunelle Peacock Thigh Highs; they're actually the subject of my very first post on Stockings Addict!  When I saw those stockings, I abruptly realized that lingerie was more than a means to an end, it could be an end in itself.

2.  What motivated you to write a blog?

After discovering those peacock welt thigh highs, I couldn't get enough. All of a sudden a new world of tights, stockings, and other hosiery opened up to me.  I was eager to share my discoveries with anyone who'd listen but I found my friends (and my then-boyfriend) didn't really share my budding passion. So I started Stockings Addict to keep from driving them all crazy.  As I mentioned in the post "Why Write a Stockings Blog?," I also write to share my opinions of different products and because I want to connect with other lovers of lingerie.

3.  How has your blog changed since you started writing it? Has the intent changed and do you feel that such regular contributions improve you writing skills and insights into lingerie but also about yourself?

I feel like my blog has become more complex since I started writing it, which makes perfect sense because I've become more complex too.  Certain types of articles, like reviews, sales, and "lust" posts were there from the very beginning.  Other features like Photo Friday, Runway to Realway, and my recent How-to series are more recent, and I hope, more timeless. 

I definitely feel like I've not only become a better writer, but that I've developed a stronger sense of what Stockings Addict is all about.  For example, I want Stockings Addict to be a welcoming, inclusive space on the internet for all stockings lovers, no matter no their gender or particular interest.  That means adhering to certain policies, like "no nudity" and deleting any pornographic or malicious comments.

4.  You have quite a few followers on Blogger and have received some great recognition online. Would you mind sharing the growth of site traffic on you blog and was there any particular reason for its growth?

I only recently started tracking statistics, so I'm not sure how any of those visitors for the first year or so found me!  However, I try to post consistently (once per day, currently), and I try to make sure my content is always worth reading.  I'm true to myself, and I write the blog I want to read.  I believe my visitors respond to that.

5.  I have no problem admitting to find inspiration in reading your blog. What types of media (not only blogs) inspire or shape your content?

I draw inspiration from two sources: the fashion world and the fetish world.  I'm just as likely to find something useful from Vogue magazine as I am from a sex worker's personal journal.  I also get a lot of ideas from my readers.  Several of my more recent posts have been based on questions people have e-mailed me.

6.  Have you ever had moments of writer's block and if so how do you overcome them?

I do get moments of writer's block, and I find that the best solution is to write anyway.  You don't have to publish everything you write; the important thing is not to lose momentum.  I also keep a list of ideas as they come to me, so that when I do have a case of writer's block I can simply refer to that.  Finally, I  maintain several series, so if I'm really stuck for ideas I can just write another addition to them.  The biggest thing though, is to write, write, and write some more.  It gets easier the more you do it.

7.  Do you have any tips or comments for bloggers about fashion/lingerie?

Write about what you love.  I didn't start Stockings Addict because I wanted to be popular, I started it because I love stockings.  Keeping that perspective in mind helps me stay true to myself.  And speaking of staying true to yourself, figure out what you bring.  Find your voice, and once you find it, don't change it. Finally, be consistent.  Figure out when you can post, and stick to that schedule.

8.  Last, what are you wearing while you were interviewed?

My Kiss Me Deadly Emerald Alouette bra set.  I love this thing!  There's a picture of me in it here, and you buy it (on sale, even!) here.
Thank you so much Treacle for your time!


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