Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Aunt Gill

I find Tumblr to be an almost inexhaustable supply of images for my blog but everyonce and a while you find someone that takes the time to post interesting images and add good or even great commentary.
Well, please let me recommend Great Aunt Gill! She has the above and more.
Recently I contacted her about my blog because I was feeling a little guilty taking such pleasure in it and had to comment and she was wonderful in responding and forwarded some comments which are posted in my Senses Poll Analysis.
Perusing her blog I found this which totally encapsulates the power of sound.
"We live in a world where images have a great influence upon us - isn’t that what porn is all about? On the other hand, I’ve known lots of people for whom words were the key to releasing their libidos. Whilst this little blog of mine is very biased to the visual, over the coming days I’ll talk about some of the ways in which I’ve found the careful use of words can have a major impact on heating-up the action.

For some people, any selection of commonplace four letter words might do the trick, but for one guy I knew, his particular trigger word was ‘poke’. I picked this up because it is not a word in very common use but he used it on a couple of occasions and it seemed to arouse him. One day I played it back to him and told him that I was ready for him to give me a good poke. The effect was astonishing. His eyes lit up and he gave me exactly what I’d ask for with double his usual energy. He didn’t last very long but after half an hour he did it again with just as much vigour, which was the first time he’d ever managed a second helping in such a short time. It worked just as well on future encounters though I realised that I needed to use the ‘poke’ word sparingly in order not to dilute its power.

In a different context, another word was ‘thorough’. I picked this up in my brief sojourn on the fringes of the world of femdom. I talked with many of the men who needed to be dealt with and two of them identified ‘thorough’ as a magical word, as in: ‘You will have to be given a thorough spanking.’ In fact this sentence may well have other key words like ‘have to be’ implying no choice, and ‘given’ implying a gift.

I wonder how many people have such trigger words and do they know they have them. If, like me, you encourage talkative sex, and if you listen carefully, you may just make some interesting discoveries. Think how powerful that would make you!"
And by the way Gill you may be interested in the serialized stocking fetish story I am writing for Nick's site Nylon Whispers. It should be posted soon.
PS: Sometimes Blogger's formatting simply does not format and I am an HTML weenie. Sorry for the non-paragraph paragraphs. :(

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