Friday, June 26, 2009

Poll Analysis for "From Gillligan's Island: Who is Your Favourite

The people have spoken.

Mary Ann
76 (66%)
38 (33%)

Mary Ann wins but her lead was cut pack because at one time she had 69% of the vote. I think Nick at Fool for Your Stockings had a hand in this posting an entry extolling the virtues of Ginger. But sadly, the votes never really wavered since Mary Ann never had her 60% plus lead threatened.

This is not to say Ginger is not hot. She is.

I do not think anyone would argue if stuck with one OR the other that they would not have a little bit of the in and out with them. Or what ever it is that you do to float your SS Minnow.

For what it is worth I will share with you why I prefer Mary Ann.

It is not looks. It is not legs. It is not a penchant for wearing nylons.

It is her apparent innocence.

Sure... Ginger exudes sexual import and prospects but we ALL know it is just a sham. She offers the opportunity of the casting couch but not the assurance that we will get the chance to break the couch springs plying her obvious physical wares.

But Mary Ann has an innocence that for me begs to be tested and challenged. Is she so innocent and virtuous or is she hiding the wonderful embers of a orgasms to be unleashed?

Mary Ann's gingham flavoured innocence is a stronger attractant than Gingers glittering innuendo.

Thanks for all your votes!


  1. Had the results been inconclusive, I was going to propose a threesome (Mary Ann, Ginger and myself), with a first-hand account appearing on Nylon Whispers.

    Oh, well...

  2. Oh, I think you still should. Perhaps Ginger is more sexually adept than Mary Ann!

  3. Ginger is so high maintenance. Come on!

    You can probably talk Mary Ann into anything, with enough time.


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