Thursday, June 25, 2009

It had come to this...

It had come to this. All her preparation and expectation had come to this. She was virtually throwing herself on him and he sat there and talked. TALKED! About God knows what. The dull after taste of the red wine he had brought only served to dim her opinion of him. He had insisted on chilling the Shiraz and during the conversation that had led to him being distracted by her to the point he had realized he had over-chilled the wine and even though she had objected and offered to open a Chardonnay instead he had insisted on opening his wine.

An offering she presumed to serve as a means do lower her inhibitions. Which had not needed to be lowered until this moment.


  1. I love the picture and you've summed up the situation perfectly.


  2. For the record, in a situation like that I would talk...but after the sex! And I never over chill a red wine. I barely give it a wisp of the refrigerator.


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