Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rule of Thumb Applied to Stocking Wearing

Nick Danger had a question in an earlier post:

"Is there a rule of thumb as to how high on the thigh a properly-deployed pair of nylons should reach?"

Well Nick, I am not sure how to answer that but suffice to say that with the wonderful variability of women's body coupled with the differences in manufacture and sizing of nylons it would be difficult to create a rule of thumb about this.

But in the spirit of Nick's question I propose this:

That a pair of nylons should not come closer than a thumb's width below the start of the lowest point of the inguinal portion of a woman's body. For a diagram of this click here. Since the size of the person's thumb measuring this will differ and it is possible that they may have no thumbs due to a freak dueling accident or accidents (some people never learn) in the absence of the measure's thumb the wearer's thumb can be used as a benchmark.

The final arbiter of this issue should simply be: Does wearing stockings give pleasure to the wearer and any intended audience.

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