Saturday, March 19, 2011

Too Small?

A lovely set but notice the wrinkles. I think these stockings are too small for her thighs and do not fit all the way up her legs. But, then again, I love wrinkles.


  1. I think that they are probably too big. I loathe wrinkles and so very rarely wear true nylons as I am too big for an 8 and too small for a 9. Even if I put them on and they look good as soon as the weave relaxes the wrinkles form but never as badly as in these photos so it is clear that the wrinkles are deliberate to inform the viewer that traditional nylon is being worn.

  2. doll,

    I think you are correct. Now that I look at the images again I see what you mean but I think they are too long as the welt seems pretty tight on her thighs.


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