Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For England

That one. The one with the light of god in his eyes and the smell of England still on him. Young and fresh unbeaten by the desert and self doubt, hell even his tabard is still a soft brilliant white, the Red Cross glowing like blood. I want him to kiss me to taste the vows still in his mouth. I could call him to my room, some pretext of state will do, maybe a letter to carry to his superiors, to make it clear I am in authority over him. That must gall them all, especially the young ones, that a woman could order their actions. Stand close to him, lean over his shoulder and brush his cheek with my hair, let him smell a woman again. Whisper close to his ear my lips brushing him lightly; remind him of the softness of a woman. I can feel him startled, looking for a trap, licking his lips and a slight change in his breathing. I press closer to him my breasts against his shoulder and lean over to reach parchment on the desk. He presses his hands flat against the table top. I think about him standing behind me and lifting my skirts as he pushes me down across the desk. He could kick my legs open and slide his hand between my wet thighs. I take a deep breath and stand up suddenly…I am wet I realize soaking wet. But this knight wouldn’t…I am princess and he is a type of priest…so shiny still. He stands and grabs my arms to hold me up and pulls me against him. He is hard…his chest his hands are rough and I think about them on my smooth slick thighs and tremble. I put my hands on his chest and push him away slightly and he doesn’t let me go.
“You think I don’t know what you are doing…I am not the first man you have had here am I? They told me…they said you could cast a spell over a man so that he couldn’t think rationally. You could twist the love he has for god…fill his mind with lustful thoughts. I thought I was protected…but you…” he is hurting my arms as he pulls me into his body and kisses me. Not the sweet kiss I imagined, he is hungry and consumes me. His tongue explores me as he pushes me backwards trapped between his body and the wall. He grabs my breasts and squeezes hard. I whimper into his mouth. Heat flushes up through my belly from my wet clit. He is biting my neck and pulling the laces down my back.  The wall is rough and cold against my corset and shoulders.
I smile at him” is it true then do I fill you with lust?” I press my hips up against him and feel him harden trough my skirts. My legs part slightly as i think about him. Hard leather riding boot pry my legs open and his hand is there.
“I know how to punish a woman like you” he pinches my slit hard and I cum on his hand, pressing into the pain between my legs. “See? You aren’t any better than the whores that follow us…are you princess” his finger flicks across my lips, tugging on me just the tip inside me” say it princess…tell e you’re a whore and you want me cock were my finger is” he slowly slides it in and out mf me. I want more…my hips are thrusting trying to satisfy myself. I slide my hand down and start rubbing him trough his pants. “I’m. I am a whore..Please I want you cock” he pushes me onto my knees “pray…show me what you can use your mouth for...princess” he rubs his cock agasint my lips pinching my nipple and when I gasp he pushes it in. holding my face stroking my cheek he tells me how pretty my moth is…how god must hear my prayers...he pumps deeper, mking me choke. I can feel him begin to loose control and then…he pulls back and pulls out of my mouth” you are very good at that whore. Who would think a woman that sings praise for the army could suck dick like that. Now we know why god listens”
When I stand up my dress stays on the floor. I am completely naked in front of him between my legs dripping wet slicking up my thighs. He walks behind me his cock lightly brushing my ass he bends me over slightly my ass sticking out. Sharp hot pain across my ass cheeks. And again I feel myself begin to orgasm. He rubs his crop across my lips “kiss it” and I do. He is behind me and the lashes land faster but not harder. My ass stings but I thrust after each stroke across my cheeks. The tip catches my pussy and I buck. “This is how we discipline our stable boys…do you want me to show you more” I moan as he aims for my clit. The leather hits and I moan in pleasure spreading wider “tell me again…tell me you need my cock princess”
“I need it…your cock I need it mylordplease” I pant. He stands behind me his rough hands stroking my ass like he would horses’ flank and I tremble under his fingers. He slides something thin and hard into my pussy…deep and leaves it there. He pulls me open and I feel his fingers stroking up and down my crack toying with riding crop in my cunt.
“pray…pray to god” he pushes his dick in my ass I try to pull away but he hold me back “ogod..Ogod” I am shaking as he starts stoking it in and out of my asshole. Thrusting in me ramming it harder moving the stick in my cunt. I cum over and over as he uses me until I am screaming for him to stop. He pounds me harder gripping hard with his hands. He drills so deep I think I am going to split in half as he cum shuddering as he fills me up.
Still inside me he pulls me up and holds me close. He is so strong I collapse in his arms. He pulls his pants back up, and wraps me in his mantle..So soft and white...Still smells like England.

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