Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Answer to Why Some Stockings Have a Keyhole

Janus asked what was the purpose of a stockings' keyhole...

According to the site "dreamstockings" the reason for the keyhole is thus:

"The keyhole or finishing loop is the defining icon of fully fashioned stockings. It is produced in the seaming process. The stocking is run between two heads on the seaming machine and one of these heads ends up in the inside of the fabric of the welt. The hole is a small portion of unseamed welt which allows the stocking to be removed from the machine."

Personally, I think stockings look better with a keyhole. It looks like a keyhole is only present on seamed stockings. But I could be wrong.

Seamed stockings with a keyhole.
Seamed stockings without a keyhole.


  1. Every FFStockings are made on plate form. Due to that production, you need to link the two sides with one seam.

    On the top, on the welt, the famous keyholeis there to offset the tension of the nylon on the thighs.

    See my article on stockings production for CERVIN le paradis (best luxury producer in the world)


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