Monday, March 21, 2011

Going Down the Road

Cars and sex are entwined in most North American male and female sexual ethos. We often times have our first sexual experiences in a car or truck as they offer us the mobility to find privacy to snatch a little heavy kissing or petting or even more.

I would have lost my virginity in a car if it wasn't for the fact I had no idea really what I was doing and a 1980 Honda with its front passenger seat fully reclined is actually not to conducive for one's first act of copulation. Instead me and my girlfriend ended up on the wet ground, in the rain, in order to consummate the act.

As one gets older the car becomes less frequented as a place for sexual experiences. We have an apartment, a house, or we can afford a motel or hotel to enjoy our sexual trysts. For some then the car becomes a bit more racy and verboten for enjoying sex. Hats off to the inventor of cruise control because with out it we probably would see cars driving down our highways, their speed inconstant and oscillating as the driver tries to keep a steady foot on the accelerator.

Still, cars are the second most popular place to have sex for adults in America so the iconic image and imaginings of only teenagers partaking in sex in cars is a fallacy. As Cronenberg's adapation of J.G. Ballard's "Crash" shows that cars as a fetishistic extension of people's exploration of sexual experience.

I happened on this wonderful sequence of foots. An every day couple driving somewhere at night in their Toyota Siena van. I hope that they were able to enjoy more of each other after they took these images.

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