Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kimono Love

Kay waited in her living room for Jim to arrive. She was filled with anticipation for this evening since they had arranged it 3 days ago. Time and again she had played in her mind the events of this special evening she had planned for her lover. Kay stood and walked up the stairs to her room and surveyed herself in the full length mirror and smiled impishly at what she was wearing and hoped that Jim would find it desirable. Slowly she descended the stairs and went into her kitchen and opened the bottle of wine, poured herself a glass and carried it and a spare glass to her living room and set both on a table and sat back down. She crossed her legs and let her free hand slide sensuously over her legs and she smiled at her anticipation and excitement.

She heard Jim’s van arrive, the soft thud of the door and then her backdoor open. She had instructed Jim to enter her home and go to the living room. He entered and she saw him with one hand behind his back and she smiled warmly at him and his gesture yet to reveal but implied by the position of his arm. Kay rose and stood in front of him with her legs provocatively apart.

Jim stopped dead and his tracks and she saw him mouth, “Oh my God” as she strode up to him and kissed him deeply. Jim responded with his free arm but Kay gave him a firm “tut, tut” and pulled his arm hiding the gift she knew was for her past his body to reveal a bouquet of flowers. She kissed him her thanks and walked past him with the flowers to her kitchen and put them in a vase and returned with it and a chair from her kitchen table. She set the vase on her coffee table and placed the chair in the centre of the room and dimmed the lights, lit some candles and turned on her music. Slowly Kay came over to Jim and using her hands firmly directed him to sit in the chair and stood back knowing that the light held her body in silhouette and let him look at her in profile. Kay turned slowly allowing the contours of her body to be etched in his mind and then she began.

Slowly to the beat of the jazz music she had selected she began to dance allowing her body to come close to Jim, letting her scent and her presence increase his arousal of and for her and as she passed behind him she slid her hands down his chest and to the inside of his thighs and felt his hardness. She passed her palm over him so lightly she heard his breath catch and felt his body tense and she knew she had his complete attention. Kay sauntered over to the table and poured Jim a glass of wine and returned and slipped it into his waiting hand and she knelt before him and looked at him and Jim gently held the stem for her and she drank from his glass with her blue eyes intent on his. She gauged his feelings for her and his desire and she loved his rapt attention and hunger for her. Kay knew that if she lay on the floor or bent over Jim would respond to her like a stag in rut but she wanted to tease and coax him to the limits of his and her desire.

Kay moved to a position where the soft light would play on her and slowly danced for Jim. She stopped and allowed him to view her from the front. She was wearing a black satin short-length kimono and under it a simple set of matching lingerie. Kay had selected a black satin demi-cup bra, black garter belt and panties and the loosely tied kimono revealed this wonderfully erotic combination in contrast to her dark tan. Slowly she turned and lifted her kimono to reveal her ass and the seamed chocolate coloured stockings and black pumps she completed her ensemble with. She knew Jim loved her legs and that the colour of stockings were his favorite.

“Pleased,” she asked coquettishly.

“Umm, yes,” was Jim’s strained reply.

Though she was somewhat self-conscious about walking in heels she wanted to please Jim and was pleased at his reaction. She began to dance again for him suggestively and as the next song on the CD she burned for this occasion started her pace matched the quickened tempo of the next song. She turned allowing the hem of the kimono to rise and let the speed of her movements in the half light accentuate the titillation she was creating. Jim sat silently but she noticed as she passed close to him his hands reach for her wanting to touch her. She turned away and allowed her audience to pass his warm palms over her ass and the outside of her thighs and then with a click clack of heels stepped away and looked over her shoulder at him and enjoyed the sweet torment she was creating. Slowly she walked over and let her legs bend and rested her crotch on Jim’s knee. She hoped he could feel her heat and she took his hands and gently placed them on them in the kimono’s satin belt and stepped back letting her movement slide the belt off her and allowing the kimono to open. Her hands passed over her breasts and she cupped them and bent over revealing her cleavage. Then Kay knelt and collected the belt from the floor and dropped it in Jim’s lap.

Moving away from him she had her back to him and moving to the music slowly shrugged the kimono off her shoulders and allowed it to slip to the floor and then Kay returned and knelt before Jim and slid both hands up the inside of his thighs and felt his desire again. Jim responded by slowly sliding her bra shoulder straps off her shoulders and he reached down to cup her breasts but Kay turned away and stood before him and let the bra fall from her breasts as she stood before him. With tantalizing provocative ness she caressed herself for both of them and pinched her nipples. She felt so free and comfortable with Jim that she knew how much he liked it when she took pleasure from herself and she closed her eyes and caressed her breasts while rocking her hips.

Slowly she moved to her wine glass and dipped her finger in the wine and spread the wine over her nipples and slowly leaned against Jim so he could taste her nipples. His tongue played against her skin and his teeth nipped at her. Kay moaned deeply. She had never felt so sexy. The complete acceptance of her as a woman from Jim and their shared sensuality made this moment completely unselfish. Kay enjoyed the eroticism of this moment and she knew Jim was being aroused and pleasured as much as she was. Her mind melded with the music and light and the presence of her lover and she slowly unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Kay moved to her couch and facing away from Jim began to mimic being made love to while on top of her man. She held the seatback of the couch with one hand and let her free hand feel her desire and play into it. Kay looked back at Jim and he had slid his pants down and was masturbating as she danced for him and she stopped her undulations and crawled seductively over to him and slid between his legs and took him in her mouth. She tasted his desire for her and she moaned softly and repositioned her body to take him more easily. Kay slid her hands under Jim’s shirt and squeezed his nipples gently and then harder, hearing his deep and fast intake of breath. She took one long soft suck of Jim and then rose.

Stepping back Kay stood at a loose attention and slid the waist band of her panties down over her hips and then turned and bent over while taking them off the entire way. She turned and took the satin belt and put it around her neck like a choker and directed Jim with eyes and hands to rise and she slowly undressed him and then helped him lie down on the floor. As the music welled Kay stepped over Jim, straddling him and slid the belt off her body slowly and tied his wrists together and slid down to meet his body with hers. She felt their union become complete and she lay against Jim with his bound hands on her back and loved him to the music.

Slowly Kay lowered her body over Jim and took him inside her. She let her legs slide naturally beside him and she marveled at the way her legs looked in the heels she was wearing. Jim slid his bound wrists over her back and pulled her to him and kissed her very deeply as she moved on him. They were connected in many ways and when Kay looked into Jim’s eyes she saw a wonderful combination of care, respect and desire. She pressed her hand flat to his chest and they made love in the candlelight on her floor.

Kay raised her trunk up and let her weight bear down directly on Jim. She gasped as she took his length inside her and she felt him move his bound hands over her breasts as she moved her hips into him. Kay moved down and kissed Jim sensuously and they traded their tongues and lips so intimately that Kay shivered involuntarily. She rose again and feeling a bit guilty for Jim’s predicament with her kimono belts she untied him and he slung the belt around her neck and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.

“What do you need,” Jim whispered hoarsely.

“Your cock.”

“Just my cock?”

“For now!”

With that exchange Kay rose again and began to fuck Jim in earnest. He had asked and she had declared her need. She closed her eyes and felt the need to abandon the cares of her world and the needs of others and feel what she needed, what she wanted. She had his cock. He was her lover and he had asked and she knew she could take without recrimination or judgment. Before she knew it her hips where moving rapidly back and forth and she only felt and saw glimpses of Jim’s hands caressing her breasts and sliding behind her body and grasping her ass. She felt her man slide his hands under her garter straps and along her stocking clad leg and then her back and back down again. Kay felt a space in her mind where all was gone but her needs and pleasure and the faint slap of her ass only served as a counterpoint to her deep trance. Her pleasure welled up inside of her and she stopped moving her hips and murmured “Oh, Jim…” and she came. Deep wracking orgasms passed over her and Kay fell against Jim’s chest and felt his embrace and voice as she came.

Her hair was lying across Jim’s face and she felt him move it gently aside and hold her tight as her body gave off its sweet after-shocks of passion and she ground her hips down on Jim’s thighs and took his cock deep in him and kissed him deeply. They kissed like this for some time, their hands passing over each other’s body as the impact of their passion rippled through them.

“It’s the stockings, you know,” Jim whispered.

Kay laughed huskily and retorted, “Really? How so?”

“Well,” Jim replied, “they look really beautiful on you and I think you can attest to my physical response to this rather provocative visual stimuli.”

With that Jim grabbed Kay’s ass and lifted slowly and moved his hips so his shaft moved out of her and he held her there with his tip just lightly playing along her lips and the he gently but firmly entered her and thrust his entire length once into her.

“Oh, yes. What else,” Kay asked.

“Isn’t that enough?” Jim replied and they both laughed and Kay moved in deeper to Jim and they both began to move their hips in unison. They both began to moan and Kay felt her body respond again to what they were sharing. She rose and ignored Jim’s protests and slid down his body and began to suck his cock. She loved the taste of them on it and she hovered over his thighs and began to suck and lick him, listening intently to her lover’s moans and physical responses. Kay cupped Jim’s balls in one hand and moved her palm gently rolling them in her warm hand and she knew the sensation of her long hair over his thighs would send him. She loved him softly and deeply and he responded to her mouth. He began to writhe and opened his legs and she took him deeper and reached one hand up and squeezed one of his nipples and then moved so she was lying perpendicular to his body and she reached for one of his wrist and placed it inside her thigh.

Jim had moved a cushion onto the floor and was using it to prop his head up and watch her. Kay looked back at her lover and held his cock while licking the shaft so she could speak. She fell into her role as a stripper again and said, “I could not resist fucking you you know. I don’t usually mix business with pleasure but it was well worth it.”

She heard Jim answer but it was undecipherable and she smiled.

“Now that I have fucked you do you want to fuck me?”

“God yes!”

Kay got up and walked around Jim and moved back to the couch and kneeled on it facing the wall and presented her ass to her “customer” and ran a hand sensuously down one leg and took one shoe off and then repeated it with the other.

Jim rose and moved in behind her and Kay turned around and sucked on him again and returned to facing the wall. Jim moved in behind her and took her. She had used the word fuck and it was accurate. They shared sheer animalistic passion and Jim had to hold onto her hips hard to keep them together and Kay let her head drop onto the couch seatback and accepted him as he needed her. And it was more than accepting. It was sharing. They had made love and this was time for a different kind of passion. Kay could hear the couches legs lifting off the floor and she turned to comment but Jim must of sensed it to. They disengaged briefly and Kay moved to the floor and presented her ass to him and he mounted her again. A sweet melding of sounds and feelings came together and Kay spoke words of encouragement to her lover. Suddenly he thrust in deep and held his cock there for an eternity and then rapidly fucked her and then his deep guttural moan and her being filled with his seed completed their union. Jim collapsed and rolled onto the floor and Kay slid down beside him and caressed his cock.

“Not…now…too…intense.” Came her lover’s response and he took her hand and kissed it and she cuddled close and entwined her legs into his and listened to his deep breaths. Kay smiled and thought how much she loved their lovemaking and their fucking.

As they lay there in the soft light on the floor oblivious to the world he gathered her close to his body and squeezed her close. They were both spent but found the energy to hold each other and softly kiss each other…the kisses of mutual satisfaction. Soft, short, with some effort because they both were fighting the mental and physical fatigue of deep love making. Kay softly sighed.

“You know that you won’t get this at any strip club in town,” she said ironically.

“I know. There should be a law,” Jim offered.

“A law?”

“Making this mandatory. The world would be such a better place for it,” Jim replied.

“But that would make it mundane. And you know how I hate the mundane,” Kay countered.

“Very true,” Jim said.

And they began to kiss again…

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