Thursday, June 10, 2010

Would You FUCK Sarah Ferguson Poll

Forget the "shag" part... We all knew what I meant. So would you FUCK Sarah?

Let's see what the numbers came up with...

Yes - (31%)
Yes, after a few drink - (8%)
Yes, only if she wore stockings - (35%)
Yes, she has $40 grand so she can pay me to shag her - (4%)
Sarah who? - (0%)
R(oyal)MILF has always been a goal for me - (4%)
Not even with someone else's cock - (15%)

Clearly you WOULD FUCK Sarah. Stocking would be an important component of the equation but, then again, I think most of you would fuck anything if it was wearing stockings.

Not that Sarah is all that bad looking. On a good day she is quite attractive to me. What I would love to know is what lingerie she wears? She is post-royalty now but lives in the London area and her tastes for the finer things in life probably insures she buys lingerie for the Harrods end of the lingerie spectrum and not the Marks and Spencer end.

As one can see from this image she can be definitely dressed up nicely...

Obviously a highly staged image which begs the question of how does she look when she is not attending some fundraiser or some similar event?

Just so you know... I voted Yes. Stockings or not I'd FUCK Sarah Ferguson.

1 comment:

  1. I dunno. That's a distinction with a difference to me. They might be the same biological act, but they're different psychologically. I'd bet the universe of women I'd shag is smaller than the universe I'd fuck.

    I voted no I would not shag her, and crazy as it might sound I could imagine many scenarios where I would indeed fuck her!



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