Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Submission and Domination

Though I tend towards the D side of BDSM I am not one to refuse being subjected the the scenario being experienced by this male above. I love that the man is naked and the women are dress or more aptly armoured in clothing with long leather boots and leather gloves on. I hope after the teasing and play they let him find his ultimate release and reward after being their tortured titillated play-thing.

Holding a lover by the neck is a turn-on for me. I have found that even with more conventional partners I find my hands moving towards their neck as we fuck. I have wondered what has gone through their minds as our passion play of wrapping hip movements and sexual sounds fill the bedroom and the firm grip comes towards them. Mostly I hold firm but not tight hoping they will beg to be held in a tighter grip. Alas most turn their head and my grip softens and disengages but I wonder if they would say the words I want to hear.

Oh my! A most delicate balance of pressure. I hope that the nipple clamps give out before the nose ring does.

My Nun fantasy as yet unfulfilled. I have written before my desire to share this with someone and have yet to find the person and circumstances to realize this fantasy. I would prefer authentic and accurate dress as opposed to some lame Frederick's of Hollywood costume. And the altar of a church. I came close to this once if a United Church of Canada Minister with a penchant for BDSM and anal sex counts...No. I want a Nun.

When you rip your pantyhose open for me and bend over there is only one word I can think of - "NOW!"


  1. Submission but with respect and no violence !

    The power of picture, the vision is more harder sometimes than the reality.

    Special thanks for the nun picture, there is love in her eyes, sensuality on her legs !



  2. I so love that first picture!


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