Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Discoveries: "Ivory Underworld " by Holly

If you like soft looking women then I recommend checking out Holly at Ivory Underworld. As she states in her profile she is:

This is the place where I share new pictures, thoughts and experiences from my full time modelling job, as well as features on my inspirations, my favourite talented artists and a bit of random stuff too :) You'll still be able to view my themed galleries, model information, travel notices and availability on my website

I'm known for being a classic, pre-raphaelite style model, and like the dreamy maidens of that era I'm very much controlled by my emotions, with my head up in the clouds. In my work I love to wrap myself up in stories; bringing out different characters from my imagination. I also love working in elegant and funky fashion styles, classy and edgy lingerie, as well as doll-like or sultry beauty shots, with lots of colour, texture and interesting accessories

My passion is stunning visuals; from photography, films, in everyday beauty, people, dreams and the awe-inspiring natural world.
I agree. She simply is amazing. A classic beauty from a previous era.

Ratings:  1 to 10 ratings. The higher the rating the better or the more likely to be...

NSFW Rating:  7

Originality:  9

Image Quality Consistency:  10

Image Theme Consistency:  10

Fun Factor:  5

Author Passion for Lingerie:  YES!

Some examples...

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