Thursday, June 10, 2010

Discoveries: "Stocking Addiction" by Gordon Pym

Peeps... I have some of my favourite hose bloggers listed on the sidebar but in my and your quest for more stocking goodness I will begin to share some of the other places I go to in the interweb to find the wonderful images we all appreciate.

The inaugural "Discoveries" post will feature "Stocking Addiction" by Gordon Pym and I hope you like his Tumblr site.

Gordon (if I may call you that, Gordon) has a consistent collection of hose clad ladies at his Tumblr. His main focus is on high quality lingerie fashion images containing beautiful models wearing some rather expensive and sexy lingerie. He also has a smattering of vintage images and a delightful penchant for finding mannequins in stockings. His posting quality is amazingly consistent in the thematic sense with the occasional surprise to help keep your interest. On top of that I think he is Canadian so that makes him uber hip in my book.

Of particular note is a simmering series of images (My Wife’s Birthday Present (posing nude, while I was 1000 miles away from home) of his wife teasing him which is best left descriptively to you dear readers to go and see what I mean. One point is that this series took a lot of effort and Gordon (and his damn sexy wife) should reap some active appreciation from their viewers for sharing with us!

Overall Gordon has created a wonderful place to come to and enjoy some hose related images mixed in with some unique personal image themes which he shares with us. Of special note is his inclusion of a Mosaic mode to view his images.

Ratings:  1 to 10 ratings. The higher the rating the better or the more likely to be...

NSFW Rating:  7

Originality:  8
Image Quality Consistency:  9
Image Theme Consistency:  9
Fun Factor:  10
Author Passion for Lingerie:  YES!

Some Samples

Babes who have hair where they are supposed to have

COLD BEAUTYMy mannequin fetish, that I want to share with you

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  1. According to that post, he shared a beautiful, intimate gift from his wife with the entire world. In my books, that makes him an arsehole (if it's true, of course).


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