Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Girls of BSG: Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon plays Ellen Tigh in the Battlestar Galatica series and has the honour for being our first Girls of BSG to be reviewed. She was picked for several reasons:
  • She is Canadian.
  • She has this wonderful slutty MILFish quality that cries to be recognized.
  • She is seen (albeit briefly) in Season 3 wearing stay ups.
  • She acts the act of fucking so well you'd wouldn't mind her faking it for you because you'd have a hard time knowing she was acting.
  • At 49 she is more than aging well.
I will not get into the complexities of her character but her role was a fulcrum the the plot of this series and I think we all should see more of her. She may age as well as Dame Helen Mirren.

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