Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Nylon Dreams Exclusive!

Madison wrote me a while back complimenting me on my blog and we had a nice exchange of emails back and forth were she asked me if there was any elements to a photo-shoot I would like to see from here. I took the time to view her site and think on it and her style of photography and sexual openness led me to an experience I had not so long ago.

I was with my lover one time and we were engaged in a BDSM session. She was in black thigh highs and strapped to a chair on her bed in suck a manner that she was bent over the chair so her ass was exposed. We had a wonderful session of whipping and oral service and when we were down and I untied her and recovered she asked me if I was satisfied. The funny thing for me is sometimes a damn kinky and aggressive sexual experience energizes me so I simply smiled at her and slipped of one of her stockings and slid it over my cock.

She nodded and took the nylon encased penis in her slut hungry mouth and sucked me and then I pushed her onto her back and she spread her legs for me and I slid my nylon encased cock inside her and fucked her until I came. I pulled out and slip off her stocking and opened and reversed it and offered it to her and she licked my cum from it. When she was done I slowly slid her stocking back on and we slid into slumber with each other.

So, when Madison offered to shoot a series of photos on an idea based on my input I knew what I wanted to share with her and she has been so kind to create a scenario for me and us, my loyal readers.


What lies in wait for Madison's sweet, soft mouth?

Madison slips off a stocking and slides it onto her lover's cock.

 Deliberately she takes him in her mouth and offers him the pleasure he needs.

 He fills her not with the smooth heat of skin but the soft filling sensation of nylon.

 Her willingness to be his in any way he wants completes the act.


  1. Bravo, Je ne connaissais pas, mais j'adore

  2. e was so nice to share that experience with me, i couldn't resist shooting it at the next opportunity. when we cast for my partner, we made sure he had a nylon and foot fetish so it would be exciting for all...and it was. thanks e! xoxoxo, madison


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