Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesse Dahl


So I am cruising through my Facebook profile and one of my co-workers gets messaged from his cousin who is simply smoking hot.


 I am not lying right?

I have to find her and apparently she is on Model Mayhem but I am not having any luck. I find her photographer's site but no luck still.  This Canadian beauty just has to be somewhere but a search of her name brings nothing. (No I am not sharing until I find what I want!)

But, as a consolation, I did find Jesse Dahl. She is a Canadian model as well and shoots nicely so have a gander and enjoy...


  1. Your blog is awe-inspiring. I have found many new things. Your way of staging is also fascinating. You have elected very incredible topic. I appreciated it.

  2. Any progress on finding the cousin? She is gorgeous.

  3. Did you make any progress in finding the cousin of your co-worker? I would like to know her name and any other info. you might have.

  4. Ziggy...

    See my Mela Charms post.


    Thank you!


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