Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Party Girls

I have not been to any parties that involved nakedness except once. In Grade 8 there was a young boy and girl couple that showed up to a party and for $5 a person they said they would fuck in front of all of the party goers and they did. I actually missed this part of the party and I am kind of glad I did but that event was something that lived with those 2 people throughout their high school experience. For what it was worth they were an item all through high school and for all I know they are still together all these years past. But that one indiscretion followed them sadly through the rest of their high school social careers.

I am not advocating people experience sexual intercourse at that age but the irony was that me and my male friends spent the all of high school trying to get laid and we would have probably have nailed that girl if we had the chance. Which is not saying much for the consistency of our moral compasses but lends credence to the fluidity of one's ethics depending on the circumstances.

In my party career I actually had the tendency to miss out of some of the more interesting goings on. My one chance for hot tub hedonism was missed by me because I had to ski race coach the next day early and all day so I begged of the invitation only to learn later that wine was drunk and clothes shed by all. The full details about that party were never disclosed so I think something very interesting did happen.


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  1. Terrific stories! Without a doubt, I find "formative" tales fascinating.

    I also really like that party picture. It looks like it could have been taken from the lifestyles section of my (much!) older brother's 60s Playboys.


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