Monday, November 30, 2009

Style Comments: Busy Looking Lingerie

I would never presume to have the fashion expertise of say, Treacle, when commenting on lingerie and stocking fashion but these two images did give me pause to take a stab at it.

In the above image we have a very attractive Japanese woman. She is more than appropriately attired in bra, panties, garter belts and stockings. Very sexy and I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers or for wearing what she is wearing but I would have to hazard the comment that her fashion combination is too busy on the eyes. The lovely pink applique detailing on her bra and panties is getting lost in the busy lace pattern of her stockings. It is, in effect, an assault on the eyes. If she had picked a nice pair of simple black stockings or better yet pink ones she would have added a lot of pop to the pink detailing of her panties and bra.

Contrast this with the image below...

There is too much pink going on here. Black stockings would have accentuated the lingerie she is wearing. Again the crackers comment applies here...who am I to complain if sex is involved!

Compare the two lingerie combinations above this one. Smooth, sleek, and sexy. There is enough colour tonal similarity between this woman's corselette, panties, and stockings to blend the selection together and the demarcation between the darker colours on the lower half of her body (stockings and panties) actually accentuates her breasts quite well. Matching colours does not have to be the goal of the day.

As this picture illustrages picking one dominant colour such a blue in this case can make for a nice mix of colour contrasts without that colour contrast looking too busy.

I am no expert but I like what I like!


  1. I am afraid I don't think much of the last. The shoes are too clunky and the two shades of blue do not come from the samepart of the colour spectrum. There is simply too much disorder in that photo for me too think it anything other than chaos.

    I do agree on your other comments and will take note of the first with the over abundance of pattern.

  2. I'm not digging all the pink in that second photo, but I do love that arrangement of garter straps. The two pronged garters are hot!

  3. May I have the first one, please?

    I'm sorry, could you make that the second one?

    Oh heck, I'll take them all!


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