Monday, November 30, 2009

Before and After

She stood there before me poised and confident the sophistication of her mind crystallized in her azure blue eyes. Her smile was remote model professional.

I took her wine from her and quaffed it down almost completely. Her smile melted into a frown and the beginnings of a statement of reprobation took form on her lips. Without a word I grabbed her arm and spun her around and pulled her to me tight. One hand holding her wrist awkwardly from behind; one hand on her throat.

"No one word," I hissed and bent her over keeping her arm back locked behind her back. One hand free to divulge my cock and then to tear those light French lace panties away. A kick at her ankles drops her hips down and I piston my hips forward stabbing darkly for what I am going to use. Her softness enveloped me and she began to moan basely. Rapidly I used her and was spent in less time than it takes to open champagne.

Letting her go she pulls her dress down and flicks the remnants of her panties away into the corner, turns to me and I offer her wine glass back. Her hand raises to her now unkempt hair and her eyes offer to me awkward uncertainty.

After she stops moving and is transfixed in her uncertainty I turn my back to her and leave.


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