Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Question about Comments on This Blog

Anonymous was good enough to ask this question:

"By the way, I've asked this question on my own blog before but got rather limited reactions. While your blog is definitely "adult" it's relatively mild. How do you feel about comments from more extreme bloggers? I sometimes forget and post under my web persona, but I try remembering to post anonymously when the blog doesn't match my flavor or stronger.

Would you and others mind giving your opinion? What's proper form?"

Comments on this blog are always appreciated. Though my blog images are in the mild category (and I agree with that assessment) this is a blog that is interested in anyone's perspective. Obviously if the comments do not meet Bloggers Terms of Service or, and as the author of this blog, I reserve the right to delete or edit comments I find inappropriate. I suspect I would rarely have to do this though and would hope that the fans of this blog use some common sense and decorum when posting comments.

Having said that if you feel the urge to comment about how these images impact you or share thoughts, experiences, and other ideas that you want to share please do so. If you are not sure you can always contact me by going to my Blogger profile and emailing me directly and I can view your submission and let you know.

Just so you know that I do like less mild imagery.

One of the reasons for my selection of images is based a bit on the fact that in my years on this inter-webby content dump system I have seen my range of less mild images and though some of the themes are things I like I do find the generally classier and more erotic images more lasting and more impressionable on my minds eye. I can draw ideas for personal fantasies for those images better than raw images of extreme fetishistic sex.

The other reason is because I have a group of images sites mostly from Tumblr that I draw these images from and they tend to be more philosophically attuned to my blogging taste. Even from those sites I self-edit some of the images and only select the ones that seem to mesh thematically with this blog. I do like the consistency of my postings but if you have sites you like feel free to share them.

In particular I am dying for Ebony related sites of generally erotic themes.

Thanks for the feedback and the question!!!


  1. I try very hard not to link my blog to comments because of the issue of mildness or not. Inevitably though I get caught out by sites that require me to log in and then I fail to log out and so the cover is blown.

  2. @ doll...

    I hate when that happens. lol

  3. Okay, did I do a lousy job asking that question. How embarrassing. GLAD I was a anonymous! Thanks Doll, you somehow managed to decrypt my question.

    My curiosity was indeed whether one should post comments anonymously, or by ID that would lead others back to the commenter's profile and blog, when that blog might not be to other's tastes.

    Obviously, MT, all your points are dead on, and I really do appreciate the thoughtful discussion.

    Now about those Japanese women. . . .

  4. @ Anonymous

    Thanks for your clarification via doll. I misunderstood the question but regardless it was of value to me to consider this issue.

    Be not afraid. Japanese women, as I am sure you know, will always feature here. FYI most of my sources of Asian women are Japanese with a scattering of mostly Chinese and Korean.


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