Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Watching Movies

This post got me thinking...

There was a time in my county there were at least 3 drive in Theatres and now there are none. The image above reminded me of a particular memory.

The drive in in the next town (now a mall with a Toys 'R' Us and other ancillary middle-class commercial accouterments) used to have once a month a triple-bill after midnight of soft porn. The road leading perpendicular to the screen was on a rising hill and there would be a whole line of cars parked on the shoulder taking in the sites of the soft-porn offered by the theatre.

One evening me and my high school buds where heading home and we decided to pass by the drive-in and take in some of the movie. Invariably, being in Canada and being what was then in the late '7os as soft porn what we saw was grainy and not near as hard as what one can see now on Weeds or The Sopranos.

Anyways, we pulled onto the shoulder and notice something. The van of my high school's music teacher is parked right in front of us. This was too good to miss! All of us ninjaed out of my car and snuck up the the driver's door and on a soft count of 3 popped up and in unison said: "Hello Mr. X!"

We were greeted with a shocked look and his wife's hand in his lap masturbating him. We thought it was pretty funny.

Now I think we were pretty petty. Lucky man to have a partner willing to pleasure him.

I miss drive-ins. They can be very social.

What I miss

The fun of being cloistered in a car with friends and commenting and enjoying the movie.

Being able to drink during the movie.

Being able to get high during the movie.

Younger now and when stoned: Playing on the swing sets and teeter-totters below the screen.

Being able to bring in your own munchies.

Sneaking people into the movie via the trunk of the car.

Triple bills.

What I do not Miss

The really bad food at the concessions.

The sound quality using that post-speaker.

Seeing people get some when I was not.

Stupid patrons turning on their headlights before they back out of their spot.

What I Wish I had Done


Got a blow job.


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  1. From some one who DID fuck and get a blow job:


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