Monday, July 27, 2009

Carol Vorderman

This post originally had a YouTube video of Carol Vorderman from Top Gear. It appears to be missing from their YouTube site. Damn!

So this will have to do...


  1. Hi. I hate to correct you, but the lovely lady with the bucket of water and boots in the picture isn't Carol Vorderman. She is actually Sally James, and used to appear in a late 70s UK Saturday 'kids' show called TISWAS, where she was often on the receiving end of buckets of water, gunge, pies and all sorts of other sloppy stuff. The show was watched by a lot of Dads too, as Miss James was rather fetching - especially when wet or gooey.
    Carol Vorderman is also a British TV icon, and does fill a pair of stockings very nicely. She also has a degree in Engineering from Cambridge (1978) and was best known as a mathematical whizz on a show called Countdown, which she was co-hosted for 26 years from 1982.
    If you can get any photos of Carol Vorderman in stockings, I'm sure they will be very post-worthy.

  2. John,

    Thanks for the correction. I will look for for Carol Vorderman photos and will post them. If you find some please let me know.


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