Monday, July 27, 2009

Spread Your Legs

Yes, please do!
One thing about being older is I think most of us end up not experiencing CC (car coitus) as frequently as we did when we were younger. As a teenager we did not have our own place to go to so often the opportunity to have sex would have to be taken in a car. I wonder what the statistics are for the location of losing one's virginity in Canada and the US is?
Officially I did not loose my virginity in a car but beside one. On wet gravel no less. Guess it was something I really needed to loose.
Once one becomes an adult and get's their own place the frequency of CC goes down pretty dramatically unless it is a fetish. Though not a fetish I have to admit I have revelled in the rare opportunities for CC.

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  1. You just started me thinking about a Certain Scene from the movie NO WAY OUT.


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