Monday, April 13, 2009

Stockings as a Fetish

People are passionate about stockings.

I am as well. I shared some of my remembrances here .

It actually can be a bit difficult to conjure up in my mind all the wonderful experiences I had with my first partner. It was a time of exploration and growth on many levels and the memories are strong and kindly remembered by me. S and I were quite poor.

Well, very poor for a while. She had just graduated university and I was in college for a one year technical training course. School and work were busy for us and we lived in downtown Toronto at what is euphemistically called "The Track" which was bound roughly by Jarvis, Yonge, Bloor and Carlton Streets. We lived on Jarvis and the Track became very busy during the Toronto Maple Leaf games held at the Gardens on Carlton. The number of prostitutes would grow 5-fold and S had never seen a prostitute before we moved there. It was typical of her that one evening out on our daily walk before bed she asked me if it was OK to go and talk with one of the girls. I figured it would be alright but insisted that we pay her for her time since she probably had some expectation of being compensated since we were not customers and we would be taking off the street for coffee. S took this in and agreed but because we simply did not have the money we decided not to go forward with this.

Regardless of one's moral or ethical issues (or non-issues) regarding prostitution it is a hard life. The girls worked in all weathers and many were obviously subject to drug and other types of abuse. Having said that this exposure led to S and I playing out several fantasies where she was an in-call girl and I was a John. Invariably they would involve S dressing in stockings or stay-up and we would play out wonderful scenarios in our rather seedy and dilapidated apartment.

Visually our fantasy life was reinforced almost every night. Some of the attire was next to outrageous and some of it downright plain but occasionally a working girl would be wearing a mini-skirt and stockings with heels and this sight would fuel some ideas for our next fantasy.


  1. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I agree with Nick. Your mind and experiences are really cool and interesting.


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