Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Japanese Women

I have had a long fascination with Japanese culture and Japanese women. If I could put into words part of that fascination, besides the physical attributes they possess, it would be the words demure and suppressed.

Interesting this fascination began from seeing You Only Live Twice.

Sadly my contact with actually women from Japan is limited but I get the impression that my expectations certainly are not represenative of how Japanese women think and feel. The popular media only offers snippets of Japanese culture as it relates to women and how they interact with others.

My only direct experience was very limited...

I was skiing in Whistler BC and headed over to one of my favourite sushi restaurants for dinner. I sat at the far left end of the sushi bar as it was the only seat available beside two wonderfully attractive Japanese female tourists. I ate while reading a book and took time to look about the restaurant and at them. They were talking animatedly together and as it happened we finished our meals at the same time. They were looking over their bill and as it came to $50 I noticed that they put down 2 fifty dollar bills. I interjected and made it known that that was an amazing tip. Their English was certainly much better than my Japanese and I was able to help them leave a good tip more appropriate for the cost of the meal.

They thanked me and asked me over to the Nancy Greene Lodge and they bought be a drink. The converstation was a bit stilted as only one of my hosts spoke English and I have to admit that I got the impression that they were doing this out of a sense of obligation and manners. As it turned out it was the last night for them in Whistler and since I was staying at the UBC Hostel I certainly could not even broach the idea of inviting them over for any type of interlude.

Suffice to say we said our goodbyes and I was left, and still wonder, feeling that perhaps...maybe something more would have happened.

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