Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Shoes

Click clack
Click clack

The wonderful staccato
Ears honing in
On the source

Moving to it
Entranced by it
Needing to glimpse its source

Found her!
Snap of moment
Wisp of of leg

She's receding now
Winsome Asian delight
Out of sight

But it's there
Receding fast
That sound, that telling, delectable sound

Click clack
Click clack

The inspiration of this poem was a young, attractive Asian woman I saw in the parking lot at work. I was outside on break enjoying a mesmerizing day as the weather was summer-like and she must have been taking advantage of the weather. Oh my... long jet black hair. A simple little black dress and red high heels very much like the ones in the image. She could barely walk in them but I surmise from observing her boyfriend clutching her hip that she was wearing the shoes for him. Lucky man!

But I have to admit a smile creeped across my face watching her. [And yes, I barely noticed the lucky sod. Seriously he was really only in the periphery.] She made her stuttering progress across the parking lot and I could only think of one thing: "Thems definitely are fuck me shoes."

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