Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Desert

Lisa stood blindfolded in the stark sunlight. She could feel the heat emanating from the desert rock near her. A soft rustling noise made her head start and she turned slowly towards the noise careful to not wrench her ankle as her stiletto heels offered her little support on the rocky footing.

Then she felt a new heat and a hand take hers and place it flat on warm, smooth skin. She felt the hardness of rippled muscles and the hand softly holding her wrist slid her palm down slowly. Her palm slid over something and her fingers curled instinctively over the demarcation of skin and nylon. She pulled at it playfully and let go, her ears expectant for that SNAP. It came and she shuddered.

Then pressure on her shoulders and she let her body fold slowly to the ground: the grit and dirt embedding into her knees. Her wrists were held and guided again around the body and placed on the smooth nylon. She could feel the rhythmic flexing of his muscles and a more intense heat began to grow in her.

Her wrists were freed and in the silence and solitude of the desert she began to run her hands down his thighs to his calves and up again. She looked up wishing to see him but knowing she could wait. Her other senses tingled and her hands smoothly and lightly moved up while using her fingernails to scribe gentle random patterns over his legs.He sighed, shuddered and uttered her name softly.

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