Monday, August 9, 2010


It's been a while since I posted a "sightings" blog because, frankly, the women that come into the store I work at are generally terribly conventional in their dress. Sure, we get mini-skirts and tight pants and the odd hosiery delight but generally it is yawn city.

But a week ago a young 20-ish woman did come into the store seeking computer help and she was wearing this dress. I mean a real dress. Not some spandex monstrosity that was purchased at Walmart but something distinctive and unique.

Being me I asked her about it and she said it was a vintage dress from the late 1940s. I wish I had the ability to describe it but she looked simply delicious in it. I was a light puce or pink shade with V neck and the V neck had this simple lace pattern that accentuated the dress and her breasts. She wore these off beige high heels and hose and looked simply smashing.

So, there is nothing like a 48 year old man commenting positively about her attire at my work place. For all intents and purposes I probably broke 20 politically correct laws and effectively re-wrote the Canadian Constitution but I HAD to let her know how simply awesome and unique her attire was!

To top it off she knew lots about aviation, had GREAT legs, and was damn smart. What I would give to be younger because I would ask her out.

BTW her father was there so with his protective gaze I had no option but to keep my mouth shut.

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  1. Great story, MT. I like it!
    Glad it has no photos attached, and it leaves all to our fervent imagination ...
    - GordonPym


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