Monday, August 9, 2010

It's My Blog

I am a big fan of people who promote lingerie and stocking fetish and I have approached and been approached by people who think my blog is a good place to promote their blogs or stocking sites. Most people are appreciative and very helpful with content and suggestions and it is a work of collaboration. between the two parties.

Recently on Fetlife I happened on a profile that fit the bill and I wrote the prospect a polite and professional email asking if they would be so kind to forward some images and then I would draft a blog post and send it to them for a approval. It is not like I am going to post their pictures without their feedback but I am always interested to see their images and if a theme strikes me I want to write about it. It's the author in me. I want some creative control and it is MY blog after all.

So, after a short email exchange (and I very clearly stated my traffic level per day and gave them a link to view my blog) I got some FANTASTIC images and then, sadly, a copy and paste rendition of their site main page. Thanks but no thanks. If all you are going to do is select, copy and paste the content you demand I insert after I have suggested I write a post and get your approval on this content I have to say no.

Perhaps, you do not need me. That's OK. I am sure your looks and your site are well attended by stocking lovers. On the face of your looks it should be but on your ability to manage you perspective promoters not so much.

So, this attractive stocking model will remain a mystery to my readers. That's OK. There is only about 50 bajillion pages of Internet content to find and share.

PS:  If my loyal readers know of any sites that need promotion let me know or have the site/blog owners contact me.

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