Thursday, August 19, 2010

Discoveries: Photographer Yan McLine

While checking out Чулки! Только Чулки! I happened on the following photograph:

What struck me was the expression on the subject's face. To me she portrays a wonderful self-absorption in the often singular art of self-masturbation. The photograph catches that moment of unrehearsed pleasure in a person where there is no guilt or shame in being pleased in the act of masturbation. I went through some more images at Чулки! Только Чулки! and noticed the photographer, Yan McLine seemed to be able to catch similar moments such as these:

The image above is evocative: is she stealing a cigarette before or after something? Why is she hunched over lighting the cigarette? Each image evokes a story and for me an interesting story.

Lucky for us Yan McLine has a LiveJournal page so you can see what he is creating. I would rate his LiveJournal page thusly:

Ratings:  1 to 10 ratings. The higher the rating the better or the more likely to be...

NSFW Rating:  6

Originality:  9

Image Quality Consistency:  10

Image Theme Consistency:  10

Fun Factor:  4

Author Passion for Lingerie:  YES!

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