Thursday, March 11, 2010

Konstantin Alexandroff

me and Christa were having a photo-walk today. i was practicing my outdoors photography skills and she was, well, just being extremely sexy and beautiful as always. but basically we were just having fun.

i always wanted to photograph at that bridge and so we did. it was almost evening and we had a lot of witnesses there, people returning home from their jobs and careless youth. needless to say Christa draws a lot of men's and women's attention everywhere but most people were just staring at her secretly while walking through the bridge. then i saw this couple you can see on the background, a man and his wife obviously. at some point the guy practically stopped just to look back at Christa again. that didn't look good really, and i somehow felt sorry for them. or maybe i can make a drama out of everything. anyway, the wife did what she had to do, she slapped his ass really hard and that seemed to get his mind to normal. and we had a good laugh.

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