Friday, March 19, 2010

Facebook are Media 'Tards: Kills Popular Backseam Group

I have and I am sure you have had this problem at sites like Facebook and minute your beloved content is up and running and like members of the social network you have found and fostered are loving it and then...

... it's gone!

Sadly Nick Danger's and Stocking Vixen's Backseam Group at Facebook is gone. I know from personal experience that their images were tasteful and did not even border on NSFW territory - unlike the female Facebookers and their cleavage shots!

Which is more inappropriate?

But then you have have such wonderful images as these.

So this is OK, according to Facebook:

And this is not:

The Facebook Police, Police, Police
Are inside my head!

Never fear...Backseam has great content here and here and will have their own site soon at

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Eric; you are most kind.
    We will all remember Facebook as something less than training wheels after we launch Backseam.
    (The Lisa Norman and Nick Danger pages are still up on FB, by the way)


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