Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Facebook deals in Debauchery

This pisses me off. My good friends Nick Danger and Stocking Vixen had a Backseam group and Facebook turfed it but a porntube site like can have a group on Facebook? Actually it is not a group but a personal page of one "Jeff Debauchery" with a whole 56 "friends". "Jeff" states:
I own and run I'm not a "porn" guy, I'm a normal family guy that just likes the "edge" of working on the internet. Adult sites are the most competitive on the internet and it's fun to compete against the best in the world for top positions on the search engines. Of course, the fact that I've always liked hot girls, and sex, alot doesn't hurt either.
Good for you Jeff but how come your page image is more sexual than any image Backseam had on its group page and you get to live on Facebook? BTW Jeff...your site is not good at all and you certainly are NOT competing with the best on the Internet.

Plus Jeff you only have a Pantyhose category but no stocking category...tsk, tsk.

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