Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogging News...

Hey peeps it is good to see you all active and more interest coming into Nylon Dreams. My posting is going to be a bit variable for the next 2 to 4 weeks as I am moving and have to get the old internet access set up and organized but in the mean time some items of note about some of the people on my blogger sidebar:

The Real Princess Diaries are dead. Yes. Alexa for reasons outlined at her blog is closing its doors. I do not know if she plans to keep her blog active, that is to say up and running so people can view it, or if she plans to close it down altogether but the blogosphere has lost a wonderful blogger who explored and shared her experiences regarding sexual politics and sexuality.

On the UP side Backseam should be up and running soon. I know Stocking Vixen and Nick Danger are and have been hard at work on their secret project and I am looking forward with baited breath. We get teased on Facebook and from their blogs (here and here) regularly but come on. Show us the money!

Bad Penny is up to no good as always. She has some great retro vintage lingerie adds and her interest in male domination is strangely compelling to me who classifies themselves as dominant.

Ah, Treacle. What can one say about Treacle? Treacle's blog has matured into one of the surely penulimate resources for lingerie information on the blogosphere. Definitely SFW food for thought regarding lingerie. The fact she likes to wear vintage slips to bed makes me weak at the knees.

I have a new member to the blog roll titled Le Blog Cervin Paris which makes me wish I had studies French harder in elementary and high school.  For those who do not read French thank god a picture is worth a thousand words!

Gill has been active offering up wonderful "shots and thoughts"!

As always thanks for the comments and support. Be back soon.


  1. I'll miss you! :-)

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I've really been working hard on it these past few months, and it's nice to know you've noticed.

    I've got lots of great things planned for 2010 so I hope you'll keep reading.

  2. Good luck with the move


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