Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teasing Eric

I see you standing there. So still. I know what you are doing. You are teasing me. The teasing did not start at this moment of statuesque stillness. It started when you first sat on our bed sliding on your stockings for the party we were preparing for. It continued in the car as we drove to the party. Your legs crossed and hips rotated towards me with you hands sliding provocatively down your skirt to your ankles and up again. The tease of you alighting from our car while I held your door open.

Oh, you have been teasing me the whole time.

It was not the stockings or your legs that were the most powerful parts of your tease. It was your eyes. Clear, bright and defiant. You wonderful mouth smiled at me but your eyes spoke of pleasures to be had sometime in the future.

Standing there now before we enter the house of our hosts I want the future to be now.

My eyes cannot grasp your beauty in its entirety. My eyes trail from your white pearl anklet up the stocking seams of your right leg to the hand pointing at the shadow between your legs.

I have had enough.

Gripping your hips I push you protesting body to the left into the shadows of the trees in front of their house. At first your body resists and I can hear your heels scraping the cobblestones as you plant your feet down in resistance to me but my desire will be fed. I will be satiated. I will have you. Now!

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  1. Isn't it amazing what a simple little picture can arouse!


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